Ex-CIA Officer Exposes Shockingly Lethal and Virtually Indestructible “NOC” Knife

A quick demonstration for God-fearing Americans
who want the ultimate self-defense
and survival knife.

Undisclosed location, United States, 10:32am --

Some people use knives for opening the mail...

While others use them in hostile locations where if caught they face torture and even execution.

Some use knives for cutting that annoying string off their jacket...

But others use them to defend their lives and their country.

The point is, this message is only for the American patriot who wantsthe ultimate self-defense and survival knife to protect themselves and their families.

A knife...

And lastly, a knife that was built for a team of ex-CIA Officers who have very specific needs for gear in hostile territories.

Hi, Jason Hanson here.

I’m a former CIA Officer and the New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

I've been incredibly blessed to share my secrets with many Americans as you can see in the video below...


But guess what?

None of that matters when my team and I are on an operation.

For my safety and theirs I won’t go into details...

Plus, you wouldn’t believe what we do, and it’s not important right now anyway.

But the fact is, the gear we use has to be world-class so we can defend ourselves and escape any crisis situation... Especially overseas.

And that’s why we developed the NOC Knife and named it after some of our team members.

After all, as Slate Magazine says...

“NOCs (the word rhymes with "rocks") are the most covert CIA operatives. They typically work abroad without diplomatic protection...”

Another news agency notes...

“Their job is considered one of the most risky at the CIA, because they cannot invoke diplomatic immunity if arrested in a foreign country.”

And as one former NOC says,

You are truly alone with no backup or support, which is why we relied on the finest equipment and gear.”

In other words, the NOC Knife is for the self-reliant American that knows when the stuff hits the fan they’ll likely be on their own... And they want the world’s best gear to protect them.

So although the NOC Knife was first developed for clandestine operations, you may have a chance to get one today.

You see, because of numerous requests - initially from friends and family - we’re doing a limited run of 200 NOC Knives worldwide.

But before you decide if the NOC Knife is right for you...

And to truly understand why I’m willing to go into hostile locations with just this NOC Knife...

Check out the pictures and videos below...

Razor-Sharp Steel

These first set of videos show the razor-sharp AEB-L steel, which is used for the blade of the NOC Knife.

AEB-L comes from Sweden and is one of the finest blade steels on the market.

In the video below, you can see it slice through a tire, destroy a piece of beef, and cut through a piece of bone, to name a few.


Not only is the NOC Knife made of AEB-L steel but the knife is full tang, meaning the steel runs from the tip to the handle.


Because the knife is full tang, it’s nearly indestructible, as you can see in the video below where it’s hammered into a cinderblock...


Here’s what else makes the NOC Knife the ultimate self-defense and survival knife...

Carbon Fiber Handles


Carbon fiber is about five times as strong as steel, yet it weighs about two-thirds less.

Carbon fiber is used in aerospace engineering and Formula One cars... Even the Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche GT, Audi R8, and BMW M6 use carbon fiber.

The fact is, carbon fiber handles help contribute to the mere 3.7-ounce weight of the NOC Knife as you can see compared to the weight of a cell phone...


Ricasso Finger Notch


In the picture above, you can see my grip using the Ricasso finger notch.

Since the NOC Knife is designed to be an extremely versatile knife, this notch allows you to choke up on the blade for precision work. This includes skinning game, whittling wood, shaving, and whatever other work you may need to do.

Spine Jimping

Spine jimping are the small notches on top of the knife you can see below...


Just like the ricasso finger notch, spine jimping is critical when doing precision work such as carving, peeling, and fileting, to name a few.

The jimping prevents your thumb from sliding forward and gives you much better control over the knife.

Diamond Glass Breaker Pommel


In the following 20-second video you can see the knife being used to easily break out a car window thanks to the glass breaker...


In addition to using the glass breaker for smashing out windows, you can also use it to stop an attacker... Just imagine the damage this would do to someone’s face.

As you can see, only the finest materials and features are used in the NOC Knife.

After all, it’s not only ex-CIA Officers who rely on this knife.

My friends and family carry the NOC Knife, keep it in their bug-out-bags, and in their glove boxes. So, if they ever find themselves in danger I want them to know they can trust their life with this knife.

In fact, the quote below from knife aficionado Thomas X. explains best why my team and I spent so much time and effort developing the NOC Knife...

“By definition, a survival knife may be with you as your only cutting tool in situations where you might find yourself under duress. There’s absolutely no margin for manufacturing error or sloppy second rate materials when your life is in the hands of this blade.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself so let me share with you how you might be able to get your own NOC Knife today...

Limited Run of 200

Each NOC Knife is handcrafted by a legendary Master Smith knife maker – a knife distinction ONLY 180 people in the entire world have achieved.

He’s so sought after that his knives sell for as much as $25,000 for a single knife!

Originally, he handcrafted the NOC Knife for me and my team of ex-CIA Officers.

However, after friends and family saw the knife they wanted one of their own.

In fact, we got enough requests that Tom and I are doing a limited run of 200 NOC Knives worldwide.

While several have already been claimed, I’m offering a few to my readers today.

Each NOC Knife comes with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate verifies the handcrafted process that goes into making each knife, which you can see in the video below...


The NOC Knife, when created one at a time, costs me $1,000.

Believe me, I know that’s a significant amount of money but it’s worth it for me and my team to have the world’s best knife to depend on.

However, because we’re doing a limited run of 200 NOC Knives I’ve made a special agreement with Tom, which includes buying the steel from Sweden and other supplies in bulk to reduce the price for friends and family.

And because you’re extended family through my relationship with the Laissez Faire Letter, I’d like to pass this opportunity on to you.

In other words, you get to join in on our “friends and family” price and get the handcrafted NOC Knife for only $499.

But there’s a catch. I only have 75 knives to spare in this first run for you today. And I have no idea how long they’ll last.

When I first announced the release of my favorite personal defense tool, the tactical pen, we sold out 3,500 of them in less than 30 days.

So I imagine these 75 high-quality, one-of-a-kind knives will go very quickly.

Keep in mind, since this knife is handcrafted, and because we’re only making a limited number, I do ask one thing.

Since the NOC Knife is not available in stores, please don’t resell it at a higher price.

I know that may sound funny to you, but there are people out there who will do this and I don’t want to see this knife end up on a place like eBay.

So, if you want to sell the knife, I’ll be happy to buy it back from you, but please don’t re-sell it anywhere else.

And while we’re at it, please be responsible, obey local laws and use your best judgement on how, when, and where you use your NOC knife.

If you can do that for me, here’s how to claim you NOC Knife today...

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The NOC Knife Primer

When you get the NOC Knife, I’m also going to give you instant online access to a knife defense training video called The NOC Knife Primer.

This short video gives you the “down and dirty” information you need to defend yourself with the knife... No fluff, only the critical details you must know, including...

Remember, The NOC Knife Primer contains everything you need to know about protecting yourself with the NOC Knife and nothing you don’t.

And like I said, you get instant access to The NOC Knife Primer if you’re able to claim one of the remaining NOC Knives today.

I use the word if because the link below will be dead if we’ve already sold out of our limited run of 200 NOC Knives.

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What it all boils down to is this:

A store bought knife is okay for opening the mail and packages...

But during a crisis situation you definitely want the hand-built, custom NOC Knife that was originally developed for clandestineoperations in hostile territories.

After all, your life is worth it and so are the lives of your loved ones.

Stay safe,


Jason Hanson
April 2016

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P.S. Each NOC Knife comes with the custom injection-molded sheath that you see in the pictures below...


We spent months developing this custom sheath for the NOC knife, which includes a low-profile design so you can carry the NOC without drawing any attention to yourself.

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