Ex-Federal Agent COMES CLEAN:

Yes, We're Recording
Every Single Word of
Every Single Phone Call
You Make...

If you thought this NSA privacy scandal was bad, listen to this...

Dear Friend,

If you thought the exploding NSA privacy scandal was a “big deal,” listen to this...

In a recent interview, a former federal counterterrorism expert may have goofed.

In a live interview, he was asked if we could go back and get the actual phone conversation between one of the Boston Marathon bombers and his wife.

“Obviously,” says the reporter, “there’s no way to do that... right?”

Keep in mind all we know right now is that our government has the capability to track whom you call... how long you were on the call... and where you were when you made the call.

Already, that’s a gigantic scandal.

But recording every word... of ALL our phone calls?

That’s not possible, right?

If you think not, think again.

Because right there on camera, the ex-agent blurted out:

“We certainly have ways... to find out exactly what was said in that conversation... all that stuff is being captured as we speak, whether we know it or like it or not...”

Maybe you didn’t catch that.

“All that stuff...”

He doesn’t just mean one conversation. He doesn’t just mean phone calls between terrorists. He means every telephone conversation that anyone has on U.S. soil. With or without permission.

That’s right...

“We’re All Terrorists Now”

In short, make no mistake...

Your life is NOT as private anymore as you would like to think.

And like it or not, you ARE a target for these kinds of intrusions.

If that worries you — and it should — I can understand.

That's why I'm contacting you today.

Because it worries me too.

You see, I’m a practicing attorney.

I have my own firm, and usually, I focus on things like financial law and intellectual property. I’ve even done some work for government myself, as a policy adviser.

But I also happen to be a privacy and security expert.

And both personally and professionally, I find this new level of government overreach alarming.

That’s why the first thing I want to do today is tell you about a new special report.

It shows you exactly how to protect yourself from precisely these kinds of intrusions.

In fact, it’s right there in the title.

The report is called Make Yourself Invisible to the NSA.

And by the way, it’s free. You can download it right now.

One thing it will show you is how to instantly make it difficult for anybody to listen in on your phone calls... or to even know who you’re talking to.

You don’t need to do anything extreme — there’s a simple phone “app” that takes care of it.

Not only was this “app” designed by a former Navy SEAL, but some security insiders are even calling it “surveillance proof.” It can even secure video calls and text messages.

You can read all about it in your free copy of Make Yourself Invisible to the NSA.

As someone who’s passionate about privacy myself, I urge you to look it over.

I’ll show you how to get a copy in just a second.

But I’ll also show you another step I urge you to take right now, while you still can.

This other step could also help you protect your privacy. But it could also help you do much more. In fact, I sincerely believe this other simple step could be about to change your life.

So far, only a few of us have taken it — and it’s been truly eye-opening.

I’ll show you what this step is in just a second too.

In short, what it will give you is a completely new way to deal with what’s happening right now.

Not just the new attacks on privacy.

But those things that I see as part of a much bigger attack on your basic freedoms.

I’m talking, of course, about the overwhelming creep of American bureaucracy.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our entire system has run amok.

Attacks on our privacy are just part of that problem.

For instance, consider the Patriot Act... Obamacare... our punitive tax rates... and years of the Fed robbing the Treasury to juice the stock market... plus ever-more-restrictive regulations...

Put together, it’s a tide that could crush us all.

What I’d like to show you is a surprisingly different way to think... along with an easy way you could liberate yourself from all of it... while winning back individual rights you thought you’d lost forever.

In short, if there’s one message I hope to leave you with — just minutes from now — it’s that you do not have to “sit back and take it” in today’s America. There’s a much better way.

It’s just one step that you’ll need to take. And I’m going to show you how.

Once I do, I promise you'll see immediately how you and anyone else can be more free.

Yes, even now. Even in this newly overregulated surveillance state.

In fact, I guarantee it — as you’ll see. But before we get to that detail, may I take just a few minutes of your time to show you what you’re really up against today?

"Your Inbox Has Ears"

If you look at the headlines now, you might think everybody saw this coming.

After all, hasn't the government always had snoops?

Yet in the summer of 2012, maybe you saw a presentation some of my colleagues released.

It looked a lot like the one you’re looking at now.

In that presentation, there was also a specific warning about a new government spying program.

Maybe you saw it.

In the shadow of a Utah mountain, said the warning, "thousands of government workers are putting the wraps on a brand-new National Security Agency spy center."

This new spy center, said the report, will be five times bigger than the U.S. Capitol.

It's also jammed with supercomputers.

And what’s it for? I’ll bet you’ve already guessed.

This $2 billion center was specifically designed to monitor everything we do on our cellphones or on the Internet. This includes all emails, cellphone calls, Google searches and more.

It can even track your shopping habits... both on and offline.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

The National Security Agency originally said this center would be up and running by September 2013. But given today’s NSA phone snooping scandal, it sounds like they’ve got a head start.

And that's not all.

According to a source in PC World magazine, another ex-NSA employee — not the recent whistle-blower, but another one — says the agency is secretly building files on every American.

Yes, everyone — you included.

What’s more, according to The New York Times, a White House order just gave the OK for spy agencies to store your cyber info for up to five years. They don't even need to give a reason.

Let me ask, does that make you feel more “secure”... or just “violated”?

Retired Congressman Ron Paul put it this way:

The government does not need to know more about what we are doing. We need to know more about what the government is doing. We need to turn the cameras on the police and on the government, not the other way around.

I have to say I certainly agree.

Meanwhile, USA Today says the CIA is now planning to monitor all our Facebook and Twitter accounts for terrorist "keywords." Private Internet companies say they'll help too.

In fact, if you use the Internet — and I know you do, simply because you’re looking at this message right now — your Internet provider is already logging everything you do online.

That’s what happens when they tag your every move with your personal IP address.

Can You Already Guess
Where This Will End Up?

As writer Philip K. Dick used to say, it's “strange how paranoia can link up with reality.”

Think about it — these days, you can't even get on a plane or a train without proving to someone who you are. You can't drive a car without personal ID, either.

Nor can you open a bank account, get a job, leave the country, cash a check, get married, buy a house or even rent a movie. Not without giving away a heap of personal information.

We all think this of this as normal. These days, we’re also told it’s perfectly normal to let GPS phones track our every move... or to have surveillance cameras on every street corner.

It makes you safer, they assure us.

But does it?

And it’s not just the government that’s tracking you.

Think about it...

The Wall Street Journal says Kindles, Nooks, and iPads "read you" as you read e-books — tracking what you read, how you read it, and even what you highlight.

According to The New York Times, offline stores have figured out how to link you to your online Web searches so they can bombard you with targeted sales pitches.

And again, PC World magazine reveals that AT&T, Verizon, and other big phone companies aren't just forking over your data to government; they're getting paid millions for it.

You see, these kinds of sweeping searches and giant databases they all have simply didn’t exist 10 years ago. But just like everything else driven by technology, they’re much easier to build today.

In the privacy world, we call this phenomenon the era of "Big Data." Others are now using that term too. In fact, Forbes recently wrote about it. Here’s how they summed it up...

In the past, [this kind of surveillance and analysis] took enormous amounts of manpower... We've broken through that barrier... we can choose an individual and see a digital footprint of every video they’ve ever appeared in. We can combine that with cellular data to fill in the blanks and transactional data to understand their financial interactions. Our ability to correlate all of that information redefines the public square and privacy in a way that most people probably don’t realize.

The bottom line is we can't stop this technology from existing.

And for a lot of reasons, we probably wouldn't want to. It does have advantages.

But there’s no denying that it has some very big disadvantages too. And you need to protect yourself from these disadvantages while you can.

To start, you can let me send you the report I talked about. It’s free. And it’s going to show you lots of things you can do right now to start securing all that sensitive personal information — in ways you never knew were possible.

For instance...

How to Truly “Browse” the Web
Without Giving Up Your Secrets

Have you ever wished you could search without worry?

Whether it’s your passwords and personal information... your political views... or just the names of your friends and “likes” on Facebook... it’s all nobody’s business but your own.

Yet we also now know that Google, Yahoo, and other online providers may have played along with what’s called “PRISM” — the NSA’s secret Internet surveillance program.

As I said, deleting your browsing history or the “cookies” websites install isn’t enough.

But what if you could get a lot of your privacy back just by pointing your browser to a different kind of search page? There’s one out there that could help you do exactly that.

It works just like Google, using Google data. Only this "other" search engine doesn't store a thing. No matter what you search for, they don’t track your IP address. In fact, they track nothing.

As they say, they “don’t even know who their customers are.” That’s how they turn away government snoops — by having zero user data to betray.

But even better is a little thing you can put on a USB thumb drive. Any time you want to log on in total secrecy, you just pop the drive into the side of your computer and click.

It’s like drawing an impenetrable shield around your computer. I’ll show you how it works in your free copy of Make Yourself Invisible to the NSA.

And there’s still more.

For instance, have you ever wanted to email or upload a sensitive document to share with a friend? It’s pretty common these days... but not everyone knows how to do it safely.

If you’re using email, there’s a free program that can lock out even the most seasoned snoops. I can show you how it works in your copy of the free report.

If you’re uploading and storing these documents in the “cloud,” there’s another easy solution. It’s also free. But once you download and install it, it gives you uncrackable 256-bit encryption.

Few people even know these options exist.

They’re all detailed for you — with step-by-step instructions — in Make Yourself Invisible to the NSA. I strongly encourage you to read it before you do anything else online.

Of course, that’s still just the beginning...

The Real Reason You’re a Target

Even after you take the steps you’ll discover in your free report, you have to ask yourself:

Why is anybody so interested in what I’m doing in the first place?

After all, I’m assuming you’re no more a terrorist than I am.

Chances are you’re not doing anything illegal. And I’m not either.

Yet governments today don't even hide their intentions — they're proud to spy on you anyway.

Homeland Security even keeps a list that could make just about anyone sound suspicious. And they publish that list, so your friends and neighbors could start looking at you suspiciously too.

What kinds of things are on that list?

If you use Google Maps while you’re in an airport, for instance, you could be a terrorist.

That’s really on the list.

So is using a cellphone or sweating in public. You'll also stand out if you're caught "acting impatient"... "renting a boat"... or "having privacy protection software on a home computer."

And if that weren’t enough, have you heard yet about the government's new "snitch" technology?

It's called "FAST" and it uses computers to scan thousands of hours of security camera tape. See, computers don’t get tired. Around the clock, the software looks for “weird” behavior.

That means everything from changes in body and eye movements... to body heat... changes in voice pitch... and more. If something stands out, the computer alerts security.

If that sounds like bad science fiction, imagine how you would feel... after you get picked up by airport security for looking “nervous” in front of one of the cameras.

Your kid could be acting up. Or maybe you just forgot your passport.

But it won’t matter.

Then there's Homeland Security's new "molecular laser scanner." With this new device, an agent could hit you for a full-body scan from up to 164 feet away.

You'll never even know it's happening.

The machine is so sensitive it can pick up adrenaline in your sweat.

If you're not doing anything wrong, says the government, don't worry.

Yet the first time this laser scanner was tested, it picked up three poppy seeds on a man's shirt in an airport. The seeds were from a bread roll he ate for breakfast.

But that didn’t stop security from hauling him away and interrogating him as a possible drug dealer! I’m just saying stories like this should make it clear:

This isn't about protecting anybody anymore — it's about who's in charge.

Think about it.

You're not allowed to question these measures. If you do, they call you a threat. A terrorist. Or worse. Instead, you're just supposed to accept it all.

And why? Because those people from the government who strip, rob, and humiliate you are "doing it for our own good."

My point is America began by resisting tyranny. But today, we're not only supposed to welcome tyranny... we’re supposed to ask for more, one election at a time.

And this is the problem.

You see, when we defer to authorities on everything, whether it's our safety or the economy or what we're allowed to eat for breakfast — we lose something essential.

Life in America was always supposed to be about choices.

You were supposed to get to make them for yourself, instead of having somebody else make them for you. Increasingly, however, your life as you want it is no longer up to you.

The authorities have already made these choices for you.

Worse, we’ve given them the power to do so.

My colleagues and I don’t think that’s right. I’ve got good reason to believe you don’t think it’s right either. And that’s the real reason I’ve contacted you today.

See, I would like to invite you to join us.

And you can start right now by taking that key step we talked about...

A Very Simple Idea That
Could Change Your Life

Simply put, you have a choice.

Right now you could do as many Americans have and just give up. Cross your fingers and trust the keepers and handlers. Let yourself imagine our bureaucrats actually might have a solution.

(Hint: They don’t.)

This is what Austrian economist F.A. Hayek called “the pretense of knowledge.”

It’s comforting — until it isn’t.

Or you could make another choice.

You could simply recognize that most big promises that government makes... create more problems than they solve... and that you’re much better trusting yourself first, instead.

As the great writer H.L. Mencken put it...

"All government is a conspiracy against the superior man: Its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him... The ideal government of all reflective men... is one which barely escapes being no government at all."

Once you realize this, you’ve already taken that crucial first step that we’ve talked about. And that’s good news — for you. Yet so many people never come to this realization. Either they’re just not observant enough, they’re not unbiased enough or they’re just too frightened to get up and stand on their own two feet.

Whatever their reasons, they’re trapped in that way of thinking.

But I believe you’re different. I believe you’re more like us. Because, you see, I believe you’ve already realized this same crucial truth. I’m guessing you too would rather be able to stand up for yourself and not depend on bureaucrats or political promises.

And if that’s true, you’re ready to join us.

What I’d like to show you now is what’s in store for you once you do.

How to Be "Free" in
an "Unfree" World

Over the last 14 months, we've quietly created an ambitious new project for people who think just like you and me.

It’s called the “Laissez Faire Letter.” And it has one very big, but very important, goal:

As you may know, laissez-faire means "leave it be." As in leave us alone, by giving us less government… less regulation… and unhindered wealth creation.

We are absolutely convinced that this is the single best way to run a fair and prosperous society.

If I'm right about you, that's probably pretty close to what you believe.

We're dedicated to showing you legal ways to be less under the thumb of bureaucrats, legislators and Wall Street. And instead be more “free.”

When you accept a trial subscription the new Laissez Faire Letter, I’ll immediately send you to a secure download of your free copy of “Make Yourself Invisible to the NSA.”

Inside you’ll find…

Again, the report is yours – at no charge -- when you subscribe to the Laissez Faire Letter. You get your copy as soon as I hear from you.

Of course, protecting your privacy isn’t the only thing you’ll see when you take a trial subscription. Here’s something else I think you’ll like…

How To “Opt-Out” of Obamacare… and Claim a Personal Doctor For as Little As $50 / Month

It’s no secret that Obamacare is going to be really bad for you, me and the U.S. economy.

But what most people don’t know is HOW bad it’ll be. Consider this…

I just read an article on Forbes.com that says, “Obamacare will increase individual-market premiums in California by as much as 146 percent.” And ABC News reports that “the overwhelming majority will see double-digit increases in their individual health insurance markets.”

Industry insiders and health professionals expect waiting periods of up to two to three times longer to see your doctor.

Your lab testing visits will be delayed, as will your visits to your specialist.

Some experts expect a mass exodus of doctors and other healthcare professionals – leaving fewer experienced physicians to care for us when we need it most.

That’s why we at the Laissez Faire Letter recently conducted a 14-month, state-wide search for a health care specialist that can show our readers how to live a healthier life…

We’ve found our man.

And as his first project with us, I’ve asked him to compile his research on steps you can take to “opt-out” of Obamacare and potentially save thousands of dollar per year on your health care expenses.

His brand-new report is called The Obamacare Antidote. And like the privacy report I told you about earlier, this healthcare report is also yours free when you agree to sample our research in the Laissez Faire Letter.

Inside this one of a kind report, you’ll learn:

If you are at all concerned about the President’s health care reform, you’re going to be blown away by this report.

Inside we reveal a set of solutions that will save you money, right away. My best guess is that implementing just half the ideas in this report could save you $12,100 – or more – this coming year.

But it’s more than just money saving tips…

With this report, you’ll know how to provide your family with the best healthcare possible in the age of Obamacare. You’ll have the opportunity to live a longer, healthier life… no matter what the bullies in D.C. thrust upon us.

Again, the report is called The Obamacare Antidote, and it’s your free when I hear from you today.

If you’re keeping track, that’s two free special reports – each designed to give you personal empowerment – just for agreeing to sample our research in the Laissez Faire Letter.

By now, you’re probably wondering what it costs to join the Laissez Faire Letter. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those $1,000 a year services.

It’s not even $500… $250… or $100.

It costs well less than that. In fact, when you see the final cost, I think you’ll be surprised how cheap a subscription is. But before I show you what it takes to get started, let me show you one more thing that comes free with your subscription…

How to Save $2,250 or More This Year... By Slashing Your Tax Bill to The Lowest Legal Limit

Did you know that if you averaged an income of $43,460 per year for the last 40 years, your lifetime tax bill would have been $188,520?

That's like spending about four and a half years of your life working just to pay off the government!

And for what...?

More wars. More bureaucracy. More political kickbacks to corporate friends.

That's why in this next report, we show you what the IRS and United States Government don't want you to know -- how you could slash your tax bill to the absolute lowest legal limit.

Inside Starve the Beast: 13 Still Legal Ways to Cut Your Taxes in 2013 and Beyond you'll discover 13 somewhat weird, but totally legal, ways you could take a machete to your tax bill.

Some of what you'll see could save you $2,250 or more -- starting this year!

To take advantage of these legal "tax dodges"...

But you DO need to know how these secrets work, and which ones could save you the most money. That's where we at the Laissez Faire Letter can help...

What we've found ranges from the incredibly outrageous... to the incredibly genius. Inside your free copy of Starve the Beast: 13 Still Legal Ways to Cut Your Taxes in 2013 and Beyond, you'll discover...

You'll find all this -- and more -- inside your free copy of Starve the Beast: 13 Still Legal Ways to Cut Your Taxes in 2013 and Beyond.

Here’s how to get started today…

Claim Your Reports

When you agree to a trial subscription today, here’s everything you’ll receive…

You’ll also receive two more bonus gifts when you join today…

Now, I told you earlier that this isn’t one of those expensive newsletters…

But how much would you expect to pay for the research you’ll receive with your Laissez Faire subscription?

If you were to spend the countless hours researching that our team does, you would probably need to quit your job… costing you tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Of course, you won’t pay anywhere near that -- for two reasons.

First, our annual research costs (running north of $400,000 per year) are divided across thousands of subscribers all over the world.

Second, we have made it our goal to give you real-life solutions to secure your privacy… from hackers looking to steal your identity to our very own government tracking what we do online.

Our mission is to share our innovative alternative health care findings with 100,000 people.

In order to reach that goal, we are going to eliminate all the barriers to joining and lower the price of subscribing for you today.

The normal Laissez Faire price to join is a reasonable $99 per year.

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Description Description Description

But today, in an effort to reach our 100,000 person goal, we’re knocking HALF-OFF the subscription fee.

That means you’ll pay only $49 for a yearlong subscription to the Laissez Faire Letter.

Here’s what I suggest you do…

Put our claims to test over the next four weeks by agreeing to a trial subscription to the Laissez Faire Letter.

If the letter isn’t everything I’ve explained here, and more, you can cancel anytime during these four weeks. I’ll send you every single cent of your trial subscription fee back.

There are no holdbacks, no refund fees and no restocking fees of any type.

So as you can see, by subscribing today you’re not committing to anything. You’re simply agreeing to sample our research for the next four weeks, risk free.

I’ve made this offer as irresistible as I can for one reason…

Imagine slashing your tax bill to the lowest legally allowable limit, making your retirement flush with cash, and worry free…

Imagine having access to BETTER healthcare, while everyone else stares down the barrel of Obamacare…

And imagine keeping your private life… private, no matter what the snoops inside the government want to know about you.

Well, imagine no more. All this knowledge can be yours, starting just moments from now, when you agree to sample our research, risk-free.

To claim your report and free gifts immediately, simply click the link below.

I hope to see you on board…


Mike Leahy
Privacy specialist for The Laissez Faire Club
September 2013

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

P.S. Let's just be clear, there's a lot more at stake than you might think.

For instance, did you know that right now anybody -- not just the NSA -- could spy on your cellphone?

And they don’t need any special training from the FBI or the NSA, either.

I happen to know of several websites where anyone with a computer can pick up "secret software" that installs on just about any of the most popular cellphones — including Androids, iPhones, and the BlackBerry — and that can secretly monitor your every move.

With this simple software, anyone can read all your texts and emails... anybody can track you on a map via GPS... or dig into your address book... or even call up your Facebook account... all without you realizing that any of this is going on.

What’s more, this same secret software also lets anyone search your mobile Web history... and even trigger remote pictures and audio recordings.

They don’t need to get access to your phone to get stolen info, either.

All of it simply gets loaded automatically to a website where they can pick it up from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, anytime your lurker wants.

Since it's all virtually undetectable, you'll never know what hit you.

Yet you don’t have to go unprotected.

As I said above, we’ve found a powerful, yet easy-to-use security app that was designed by a former Navy SEAL. It’s so “surveillance proof” even the feds are worried.

And you can find out all about it — including how to get it — in your free copy of the report I’ll send, Make Yourself Invisible to the NSA... as Well as All Those Other Snoops, Sneaks & Goons Who Would Love to Plunder Your Privacy.

Download it. Do it right now.

All you have to do is click the button below and follow the instructions...

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final