Meet the Real First Lady…

Obama’s Secret


Discover the Shocking Truth about what could be the Most Devastating Affair in the History of the White House

"To say Obama has lied about his past doesn’t quite do justice to what’s been going on…” – Stanley Kurtz, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center

Dear Reader,

You’re about to discover the SHOCKING TRUTH behind Obama’s secret relationship – the lies, dishonesty, deceit, deception.

And most importantly, the real nature of the President’s enduring infatuation with a secret “mistress” whose identity I’m about to expose.

Now, before you start guessing…

Yes, it’s been reported that our current President had an affair with a campaign staffer. One tabloid reported the pair spent a steamy night together at a Washington DC hotel.

But that’s old news and that’s not what I’m talking about.

This time is differentvery different .

I wouldn’t be surprised if what I’m about to expose makes you squeamish, uneasy, and perhaps even angry.

My four-month investigation has now uncovered what appears to be a highly unusual relationship.

And, as you’ll soon discover, President Obama’s secret mistress is no ordinary, run-of-the mill mistress.

For one thing, this is not a new mistress.

You may be surprised to discover evidences suggests Obama has been devoted to this mistress for decades – the relationship began well before he was elected our 44th President.

And unlike most affairs, the “other woman” – in this case First Lady Michelle Obama – is likely fully aware of her husband’s deceitful actions.

That may sound strange.

Why would Michelle Obama conspire with the President to keep his infidelity a secret? You’re about to find out – in a tale with a shocking twist.

Michelle Obama fully supports
her husband’s affair…

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this story is that Michelle Obama not only knows about her husband’s secret relationship… and evidence suggests that she strongly supports it she strongly supports it, and even actively helps her husband hide the truth from ordinary American people like you and me.

If you’re like most people, you’ll be alarmed when you discover the potentially devastating consequences we face as a result of this situation. It will all become crystal clear shortly as I reveal the details of the deep, dark relationship Obama has tried so desperately to hide.

And it’s critically important that you pay close attention to the stunning truth you’re about to discover.


Because while the fallout from most political affairs is nothing more than tabloid drama and squirming politicians making creative excuses for their appalling behavior…

Many believe Obama’s secret relationship is destroying the American Dream. It’s happening slowly but surely, in plain sight, right in front of our eyes, but most people haven’t noticed yet – and it’s only getting worse.

Indeed, although Obama’s evil mistress poses no threat to his marriage, his secret relationship could be the biggest threat you and your family face today.

This single mysterious relationship – when exposed – could reshape the entire balance of global politics, forever giving America a huge black eye. Frankly, it’s already happening as I’ll prove with facts in a minute.

What most people don’t realize is that behind the scenes, the facts suggest that Obama’s mistress may have a stronger influence on the president’s thoughts, actions, and decisions than anyone realizes.

That’s why I call her the real First Lady.

That’s why this affair is different.

And that’s why this situation is so serious.

Now, before I get started, you should know that what I’m about to reveal is also highly controversial. Some are convinced it’s the absolute truth while others believe it to be a right-wing conspiracy theory. I’ll lay out the facts and let you make your own decision, fair enough? But I urge you to…

Heed this warning before
Obama has it BANNED…

I strongly recommend you take a few minutes to watch this presentation in full right now, before I’m forced to pull it down. Because for reasons I’m about to explain, I fully expect Obama could order this important warning BANNED on mainstream media outlets very soon.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this may be your ONLY chance to watch this important message. So please take a few minutes to watch this presentation to the end and pay close attention as I lay out the startling facts for you…

I’ll expose the identity of Obama’s secret mistress. I’ll explain the strange circumstances behind their first meeting. And most importantly, I’ll show you the growing body of evidence that Obama and his mistress are working tirelessly to destroy the American dream.

Then you’ll be in a position to make your own decision about whether or not you need to take some simple steps I’ll share to protect yourself, your family, and your assets now – before it’s too late.

Fair enough? Let’s get started…

As I mentioned, this affair is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

So it’s not what you’re probably thinking.

Let me explain…

What most people don’t realize is that Obama was seduced at an early age during a period the New York Times refers to as the “lost chapter” of the future President’s life.

Though he has written two memoirs, Obama is tight-lipped about the time he spent at Columbia University. As a matter of fact, the President is so obsessed with keeping his past a secret that during the 2008 campaign he refused to even discuss his days at Columbia, declining to release transcripts or even name friends.

For reasons that will soon become obvious, Obama has taken great pains to keep the relationship that likely began way back during his college days shrouded in secrecy.


What’s the big skeleton in Obama’s closet?

Here’s what my investigative research has revealed…

Late on the afternoon of April 1, 1983, twenty-one-year-old Barack Obama entered the historic Great Hall of Manhattan’s Cooper Union to attend an event that would alter the course of his life.

Within 24 hours his life had been transformed forever. It was there that Obama first encountered the love of his life. At that meeting, Obama became obsessed with the true love that continues to control, influence, and guide him to this day.

So who swept Obama off his feet?

The opening remarks were delivered by Frances Fox Piven, a woman with whom some believe Obama has had a long, ongoing relationship. It appears her philosophies have influenced Obama over the years too.

But while she is an important supporter and mentor, she is not Obama’s secret mistress.

She is, however, a key figure in unraveling the mystery surrounding Obama’s surreptitious relationship. You could call her the matchmaker that introduced the pair and helped nurture, strengthen, and solidify the relationship.

She’s also one of the architects of the Cloward-Pivens Plan – a devious plan Obama appears to be following to the letter – more on that in a minute.

First let’s get to the bottom of the President’s secret relationship by examining the details of Obama’s life-changing event.

The meeting our future President attended was the “Socialist Scholars Conference” – an event sponsored by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

And Frances Fox Piven, who still advises Obama to this day, is not only widely considered to be one of America’s most prominent socialists, but also serves as one of the DSA’s 8 honorary chairpersons.

So on that fateful Spring day over three decades ago, the evidence suggests Obama was seduced not by a woman, but by something much more powerful.

He was quickly captivated by an idea – a flawed ideology that has failed repeatedly throughout history. And judging by his actions, he has remained steadfastly loyal and devoted to this misguided philosophy ever since.

Obama’s infidelity involves you and me. He’s cheating on the American citizens he pledged to serve and protect. He’s trashing the ideals of liberty, freedom, and justice upon which our Founding Fathers built the United States of America.

Our imperialist president is betraying his Presidential Oath by thumbing his nose at the United States Constitution. Obama is unfaithful to the American dream and he’s doing everything he possibly can to cover up his reckless behavior and his true intentions.

Largely through egregious sins of omission, and also through false denials and carefully crafted verbal misdirections, Obama has systematically misled the American people about the real nature of his vision for the future of America.

Obama is not a democrat, a pragmatist, a centrist or whatever else he calls himself. As New York Times best-selling author Stanley Kurtz, who has done extensive research on Obama’s past, bluntly puts it:

“Evidence clearly indicates that the
president of the United States is a socialist .”

And Obama is married to his mission to mold American into a European-style socialist welfare state.

That’s why I call socialism Obama’s “secret mistress,” and the REAL first lady.

Socialism, as you may know, is the idea that everything is state owned, and state planned. It’s the idea that high-level government bureaucrats are smarter than the rest of society. And that these bumbling politicians can make better financial decisions about how to best spend your hard-earned money than you can.

There’s no such thing as personal property. Socialist states steal from productive citizens, to “spread the wealth” around to everyone.

And if you’ve been paying attention at all during the first 5-years of Obama’s presidency, you can clearly see the telltale signs of a socialist society emerging.

For example, under Obama we’ve seen:

We can already see the potentially disastrous consequences of Obama’s secret relationship playing out at home. The prices of basic goods and services we take for granted is already skyrocketing.

The price of gas has soared from $1.85/gallon the day Obama took office to well over $3.00/gallon today. Food prices are surging higher too.

And the damage extends far beyond US borders. Our powerful status on the world stage is in serious jeopardy. In fact, recent events clearly show a declining level of respect for the US as a world superpower.

So the Russians are bullying Obama, the Chinese are warning Obama, and the Brazilians are so disgusted with Obama that they won’t even meet with him.

Their actions clearly demonstrate that emerging world powers see the obvious – that America is self-destructing right in front of our eyes. The implosion is picking up speed. And it could destroy the comfortable lifestyle Americans have grown to expect and enjoy.

But contrary to popular belief, the root of these problems is not Obama himself – but rather the dark relationship our president refuses to acknowledge.

But I didn’t create this presentation to point out the obvious. Instead, I’d like to share several simple, practical, and somewhat unusual solutions for Obama-Proofing your life so you can enjoy a happy, healthy, wealthy life filled with personal liberty and economic freedom… no matter how successful Obama and his mistress are in achieving their goal to transform America into a socialist welfare state.

All the solutions you’re about to discover are designed to improve your life by:

Every single one of these solutions is 100% perfectly legal – at least for now. But that could change quickly as I’ll explain so there’s no time for delay or procrastination. The time to act is now, before it’s too late.

If you’re still with me you likely already see that Obama is driving America down the same dangerous road that has already led European welfare states like Greece and Italy to the brink of economic and financial collapse.

You already know the European-welfare state is a disastrous model to follow. You realize it’s more a matter of “when,” rather than “if” we reach a point where the system collapses under the mountain of debt we can never repay.

And believe it or not, Obama may actually be trying to engineer a system collapse. I’ll present the evidence in a minute and let you make your own decision. I think you’ll be SHOCKED and OUTRAGED at what you discover.

But if you’re like me, and the growing number of Americans alarmed at the way Obama appears to be systematically transforming the US into a European-style welfare state, you’re much more interested in solutions than more proof of the obvious challenges facing America.

You’re looking for simple ways to:

Before we continue, I must warn you that Obama and his potentially socialist administration are hard at work right now. They’re working tirelessly to close the “loopholes” I’m about to reveal as quickly as possible so your window of opportunity to take advantage of this situation may be closing fast.

My name, by the way, is Doug Hill, and obviously I’m no fan of Obama. But don’t worry because this is NOT another rant against Obama, the government, or a crazy prediction about financial Armageddon or the end of America.

The information I’ll share with you today is much more valuable and important than any of that. In this presentation I’ll share:

Before we move on, I want to make it clear that I am NOT a “prepper.” I’m not recommending you make plans to build an underground bunker, stockpile water and canned goods, load up on guns and ammunition, or make an escape plan to leave the country. You don’t need to do any of that.

I’m the director of a fast-growing community called the Laissez Faire Club. It’s a group of people just like you who have come together to achieve a common goal. We’re on an important mission to live happier, healthier lives with greater freedom and prosperity no matter what Obama and his comrades in Washington do.

Although I’m 44 years old now, I was raised in a rural New Hampshire farming community of 2,500 people. I was taught to work hard, be respectful of my elders and treat people the way you want to be treated.

Until recently, those rules were the basis for a happy life. But the world has changed and life is more complicated today.

The old path to successful life: get a good education, find a steady job, work-hard, raise a family, buy a home you can afford, and save for retirement doesn’t work nearly as well as it once did.

The price of a good education can be astronomical – running into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Income tax rates are 30-35% for many people. When you add in state taxes almost 40% of your money goes to politicians who just redistribute it to someone else.

And if you’re really successful, Uncle Sam helps himself to an even larger helping of your income.

The alliance between big government and big corporations has created a corrupt system – where profits are reaped by crooked bankers and corporate executives, but losses are passed on to you and me by taking the money we pay in taxes and using it to bail out banks and other “too big to fail” businesses.

It seems the system is setup to extract our wealth at every turn. And that’s why I’ve made it my personal mission to provide practical solutions to as many people as possible.

Believe it or not, I’m actually very optimistic about the future. Sure we find ourselves at a critical time in history. Governments around the world are making more promises than they can possibly keep and mortgaging our future by running up debts that will eventually bankrupt entire nations (Hint: look at what’s already happening in European welfare states like Greece, Italy, Portugal, and France).

The whole situation is a mess and definitely cause for legitimate concern, but in every crisis there is opportunity. You just have to know where to look. And this time is no different. When you know where to look, you’ll discover an abundance of opportunities as I’ll show you.

I’m fortunate to work and socialize with an elite group of individuals, associates of mine, who have devoted the last several decades of their lives to searching the globe for opportunities and solutions to the challenges facing you, me, and all Americans.

This distinguished group of gentlemen includes:

And of greater importance to you, these fellows have crisscrossed globe in their relentless pursuit of unique investment ideas and practical solutions to the challenges facing us all today. I’d like to share these solutions with you today.

We’ve identified abundant opportunities to Obama-Proof your life like:

In this presentation, I’ll share those and several more practical solutions you can use starting today to Obama-proof your life. But I recommend you watch this entire presentation right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s soon BANNED by mainstream media outlets.


Because the Obama administration aggressively pursues and punishes critics and whistleblowers who expose the President’s secrets.

Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who covered every President since John F. Kennedy said not even Nixon tried to control the media like Obama.

And based on a recent announcement, it appears the Obama administration even has plans for government control of the fastest-growing media outlet on the planet! I’ll share the details a bit later.

That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if this presentation soon disappears.

And thanks to Obama’s mistress – socialism – America is slowly but surely disappearing as the world’s superpower it has been for most of the past century. Anyone who’s paying attention can see what’s happening right before our eyes.

It appears Obama is methodically molding the United States into his vision of a European-style socialist welfare state. It’s a flawed model that may have us headed squarely in the direction of the same disastrous ending we’re already seen play out in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and others.

If you think that’s a crazy idea. If you think socialism is no big concern and could never cause the same type of economic collapse already underway in the socialist states of Europe because America is too big, too important, or too powerful to fail, then look no further than Detroit.

The United States of Detroit?

The headlines tell you Detroit is the largest city ever to declare bankruptcy. But that’s only part of the story. Detroit is a failed socialist experiment. And it’s a microcosm of what could soon happen to the whole country. Because the ugly truth is that the U.S. government is in worse shape than Detroit.

And while Detroit is clearly not Obama’s fault, his administration is diligently implementing the same failed socialist policies on a national level. If we continue down this dangerous path, it’s inevitable that America’s future looks alarmingly similar to Detroit’s pitiful present.

In a relatively short period of time, socialism transformed Detroit from a thriving, prosperous powerhouse to an economic wasteland that collapsed under its own socialist weight. And the parallels to what’s happening right now in America are alarming.

Detroit’s leaders pursued the expansion of social and entitlement programs at the expense of creating a pro-business environment that could create jobs – just like Obama is doing today.

Instead of investing in basic services, and reducing regulations the Detroit municipal government’s fiscal decisions were politically motivated with the goal of buying votes. In exchange for their votes, the poor were promised benefits productive citizens would pay for.

Entitlement spending exploded while basic services dwindled. The Wall Street Journal recently reported 40% of Detroit street lights don’t work and 66% of Detroit’s ambulances are out of service.

To pay for the growing entitlement programs, excessive taxes were imposed to extract wealth from productive people and businesses faced not only higher taxes but more stifling regulations.

Predictably, business and the middle class left the city in droves. Detroit’s population dropped over 50% from nearly 2 million to about 700,000. And when the productive citizens left, few people remained to foot the bill for the entitlements the government had promised.

Largely due to unfunded pension and medical benefits it had overpromised and couldn’t possibly deliver, Detroit became the largest US city to ever file for bankruptcy protection.

Unfortunately, Obama appears to be following the same script for bankrupting America.

Entitlement spending is exploding and politically motivated. Obama knows the more people he can get dependent on government welfare programs, the more likely they are to vote for his party.

And while entitlement spending explodes, Obama has slashed spending on vital services such as health care and national defense before cutting a dime on food stamps.

As a matter of fact, since Obama took office enrollment in the Food Stamp program has soared 70% to nearly 50 million people. As the chart below shows, Food Stamp enrollment has increased at 75 times the rate of job creation under Obama.


And guess who is paying for this increase in entitlement spending? Obama favors raising taxes on productive citizens and creating an anti-business environment.

And predictably, just as in Detroit, businesses are fleeing in droves and moving their operations outside US borders to avoid excessive taxation. A recent Bloomberg study revealed a total of nearly $1.5 TRILLION in offshore profits for the 83 companies examined.

And if you think productive US citizens are trapped by Obama’s wealth confiscation schemes, you’re wrong. A record number of former Americans have renounced their US citizenship to avoid excessive taxation.

I’m not recommending you renounce your citizenship. I’m just pointing out that you can only treat people like “milk cows” for so long until they decide they’ve had enough and head for greener pastures. Everyone has their own personal breaking point.

Clearly Obama has America on the same dead-end path to financial ruin as Detroit.

Fortunately, there’s still time to act. We can’t predict the future so we can’t know exactly what will happen or when it will happen, but we can safely say there won’t be a happy ending to this story.

The best time to act is NOW – before it’s too late!

How to Obama-Proof Your Life…

Let me show you simple solutions to the challenges Obama and his mistress present to productive citizens. Because contrary to popular belief, there are effective (and perfectly legal) ways to defeat Obama, his evil mistress, and their comrades.

Let’s start with the “train wreck” getting the bulk of the attention today – Obamacare. One of the president’s top lieutenants calls the Affordable Care Act Obama’s “proudest accomplishment.”

Russian socialist Vladimir Lenin hailed “socialized medicine” as “the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.” Perhaps that explains why the president is so proud of his disastrous health care plan. It appears to be the first step in Obama’s scheme for government control of the enormous healthcare industry (i.e. socialized medicine).

What may come as a SHOCK is that…

Obamacare is designed to FAIL!

In a recent speech, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch argued that:

“Obamacare was designed to fail – in order for the Federal government to step in for a true European-style, single-payer system…”

Senate majority leader Harry Reid confirmed that during a recent radio interview. When asked if his goal was to move Obamacare to a single-payer system, Senator Reid answered: “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”

I could provide a lot more proof, but you get the idea. Obama and his left-leaning comrades appear hellbent on imposing a socialist single-payer healthcare system on America at any cost – even if it means using a temporary system designed to fail as a stepping stone to get there.

And let’s be clear about a single-payer health care system because it’s a typical government misdirection designed to conceal the truth. The “single-payer” in this system would be the US government.

And that would effectively allow politicians – not doctors and patients – to control the health care system. Do you really think it’s a good idea for a government committee to determine your treatment and ration healthcare? What could go wrong?

Our elected officials have clearly demonstrated incompetence at performing their primary job of governing. If our politicians are irresponsible stewards of our tax dollars, why the hell would we trust them with our health? It’s practically suicidal!

It’s easy to see why Senator Max Baucus, one of Obamacare’s chief architects, recently said the president’s health care plan was headed for a “train wreck.” When the guy who designed the program calls it a “train wreck,” you know we’re in BIG TROUBLE.

And Obamacare is already failing miserably. Obama wasted $634 million to build the Obamacare website that launched October 1st. The Washington Post reports the site was flooded with 4.7 million visitors the day it opened for business, yet due poor design and faulty code, rumor has it less than 10 people actually registered, and the website crashed.

Welcome to the Affordable Care Act! If Obamacare really is designed to fail, this could be the biggest success of Obama’s presidency.

So what’s the solution to surviving ObamaCare? The answers are revealed in a new Obamacare survival black paper called…

The Obamacare Antidote

I asked my colleague Jud Anglin, a specialist and innovator in the medical and health care fields to help tackle the tough questions about ObamaCare.

For over a decade, Jud has successfully navigated our byzantine health care system and discovered creative solutions to the common challenges we face (and uncommon challenges too!).

Jud has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (an incurable inflamed bowel). As a result no private insurer would cover him so he developed his health care expertise out of necessity. And now he’s sharing everything he’s discovered about getting great healthcare at a fraction of the normal cost with you.

Based on his broad personal and business experience in the healthcare industry, Jud has written a thoroughly researched comprehensive black paper that shows you how to jump off the track and avoid the ObamaCare train wreck that could be headed in your direction.

Jud has identified not just one or two, but six innovative solutions. I’m confident these practical solutions will save you an immense amount of time, money, hassle, and frustration, while at the same time securing access to world-class healthcare.

For example, Jud discovered practical methods to:

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You might want to grab a pen and paper to jot down the little-known resource for getting confidential lab tests done at big discounts – the resource I promised earlier. Jud discovered this site after recovering from the sticker shock of being quoted a price of $400 for a simple lab test.

After extensive research, Jud was amazed to discover a way to get the same lab test done for only $49. He not only saved $351 but he got the results faster too!

Here’s where you can get the same high level of service and save hundreds of dollars. Just go to And that’s just one of the resources you’ll discover. You’ll find two more private lab testing services in Jud’s black paper so you can compare and choose the provider that best meets your needs.

The simple solutions provided in this report will give you a BIG advantage over those who don’t have access to this “insider” information. The black paper is called:

“The ObamaCare Antidote: 6 Ways to
Get the Best Health Care of Your Life and
Save Up to $2,000 per Year”

Here’s what you’ll discover:

You’ll also discover simple strategies for slashing healthcare costs like:

Armed with this inside knowledge, you’ll be prepared to make informed decisions on how to safely navigate the maze of Obamacare regulations.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, this black paper is packed with valuable, money-saving ideas.

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And Gary Kepler of Dallas, Texas, with just one of the creative solutions he discovered in The Obamacare Antidote, almost…

instantly saved over 71% on his medical expenses

“I was putting off a lipid panel since I had lost my insurance last year and a walk-in clinic wanted $75 for an office visit plus another $75 for the test. I read the report, went online, … drew blood at a lab five minutes from my house on Tuesday… got the results this morning (Wednesday) at 10am. Total cost: $43.19!"

If you’d like to join the thousands of Americans who are taking action NOW to protect yourself and your family from the looming Obamacare “train wreck” before it’s too late, then this the perfect solution for you…

As I mentioned before, Jud’s wrapped up all his findings in a new black paper called “The Obamacare Antidote.” (a $351 Value)

Considering the inside information you’ll discover could save you tens of thousands of dollars on major surgeries and hundreds of dollars on simple lab tests, it’s fair to say this black paper is worth at least $351 – the amount Jud saved. Others have saved much more.

Plus it could save you the time and hassle of trying to do the tedious research to find these valuable resources. Wouldn’t you rather just have this moneysaving information handed to you?

Unfortunately, despite everything I’ve shown you, this report is not for sale. Not anywhere in the world. And not for any price.

But with your permission I’d like to give you access to a copy FREE of charge. My compliments. All I ask in return is that you give the Laissez Faire Letter a try with no commitment, no obligation, and no risk at all.

Before I give you the download instructions, let me tell you about another valuable gift I’d like you to have. It will protect your privacy from the prying eyes of government agents.

Because unfortunately, thanks to “Obama’s mistress” – and the emerging socialist state the president seems to be obsessed with creating – there’s more to be concerned about than just getting quality health care under the Affordable Care Act – much more – like a national wireless network. Could it lead to…

Government seizure of the
Internet and cell phones?

Obama appears to have government control of the Internet on his socialist agenda too. In fact, it’s not getting much media attention, but the FCC is quietly planning to build a super Wi-Fi network that blankets the nation.

Many concerned citizens, including me, believe it’s another disguised attempt by our Big Brother bureaucrats to broaden the scope of their spying and pry even deeper into our private lives by controlling the Internet and cell phone industries.

The government would run this national wireless network giving it great control over content and access to content. Considering the tremendous growth of the Internet as a source of news, it’s not difficult to argue the Obama administration has plans to control the biggest and fastest-growing media outlet on the planet in true socialist fashion.

We already know the government is spying on us. This would take the surveillance state to a whole new level. By owning the networks themselves, the government won’t even have to deal with Internet service providers and phone companies to closely monitor the private lives of its citizens.

It’s crystal clear to me that Obama is on a socialist mission to control the health care industry and the Internet with the larger goal of creating a bigger government that has more control over and influence on our lives.

So how do you protect your personal privacy? Is it really possible?

Yes, it is! I’ve worked with top privacy experts and contrary to what you may hear in the mainstream media, I can assure you that privacy is NOT dead yet!

It’s still possible to protect your personal privacy and sensitive data with some simple strategies the government would prefer you didn’t know about. And I’ve enlisted the experience and expertise of one of the world’s leading privacy attorneys to explain them all in a comprehensive digital privacy black paper.

“ How to Make Yourself Invisible to
the NSA and any other Government
Goons, Spies, Hackers, and Snoops ”

WARNING! If you think you have no reason to be concerned about privacy because you believe the “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” argument, you may want to reconsider your position. Just ask Michele Collins and her husband of Long Island, New York.

Recently six armed agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force showed up on their doorstep asking questions. As it turns out, Michele’s quest to learn how to cook lentils led her online to search for a pressure cooker.

Meanwhile her husband’s search for backpacks and her son’s craving for information on the Boston Marathon bombings combined the create “the perfect storm of terrorism profiling.” (Remember, the terrorist attack was carried out by building a bomb out of a pressure cooker and hiding it in a backpack.)

So in this real life case, a “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” attitude led to an unsettling visit from six armed government goons asking questions and demanding to search the home. And if you think this is an isolated case, you’re wrong again. By the agents’ own admission, they do this “about 100 times a week.”

The reality is that almost everyone has something to hide. And even if you think you don’t have anything to hide, if you leave no trail of information to be spied on, then no erroneous – or even ridiculous – conclusions can be drawn by law enforcement or government agents. Like being labeled a possible terrorist for innocently searching the Internet for pressure cookers and backpacks for example.

The information in this report can help protect your personal privacy and prevent the government’s goons from knocking on your door, breathing down your neck, and demanding to search your property.

Earlier, I promised to share a simple program that stops hackers and cybercriminals in their tracks with a strong encryption software that protects all your passwords.

This simple privacy protection solution is called LastPass and best of all it’s a FREE download. You’ll find it at along with rave reviews from PC World, The Economist, Fox News, CNet, and many more.

And that’s not all – not even close! Also in this digital privacy black paper, you’ll discover:

Consultations with privacy experts can cost upwards of $2,950 or even more. Of course, this isn’t a personal consultation and it’s hard to place a value on keeping private, personal information out of the hands of hackers, identity thieves, and other cybercriminals – not to mention the prying eyes of the NSA and other government agencies – but the information in this black paper is easily worth $295.

For 1/10th of what you might expect pay privacy consultant, I think you’ll discover A LOT more from our world-class privacy attorney than what you’d probably learn from an overpriced personal consultation.

Just like the Obamacare survival black paper I’ve already mentioned, this paper is not for sale at any price.

However, this valuable digital privacy black paper is yours at no cost when you accept my invitation to a risk-free trial of the Laissez Faire Letter.

We’ve built a strong and still growing network of experts – in important areas like health, privacy, taxes, wealth management, retirement, and many more – to bring you practical tips, creative ideas, and simple solutions for living a healthier, happier life filled with more freedom and prosperity regardless of what’s happening on Wall Street and Washington, DC.

And that’s exactly what we do every month in the Laissez Faire Letter. I’ll give you all the details on how to accept this invitation in a moment. One more thing first…

This should scare the hell
out of productive Americans…

Remember the Cloward-Pivens Plan I mentioned earlier – the strategy devised by Obama’s mentor Frances Fox Pivens?

The goal of the plan is to get so many Americans dependent on entitlement programs that the government can’t afford to make the massive welfare payments it promised. In other words, the stated objective of this diabolical scheme is to intentionally engineer a system collapse!

Think Detroit on a national scale. And to the informed observer, that appears to be EXACTLY what Obama is doing. The facts don’t lie.

Federal welfare spending has spiraled out of control – growing by 32% during Obama’s first term to over $1 TRILLION. That makes welfare the single biggest chunk of federal spending – topping even defense spending.

Obama is quickly transforming America into a nation of welfare dependents. According to the government’s own statistics, approximately half of US households currently receive some type of government handout. And the graph below clearly shows that number is growing fast.


US Senator Jeff Sessions ominously warns of the fundamental change in our welfare system. Obama has taken entitlement programs originally intended to provide temporary assistance – a monetary Band-Aid – and transformed them into a more permanent financial crutch that makes a growing number of Americans dependent on government handouts. That plan didn’t work in Detroit, it hasn’t worked in Europe, and it won’t work in America either.

The mere idea that Obama could be quietly engineering a textbook Cloward-Pivens style economic collapse should scare the hell out of every productive American citizen. It’s not such a crazy idea when you consider Comrade Pivens is a known friend and mentor to Obama.

My guess is that tax rates will skyrocket in the coming years so Obama can extract even more hard-earned money from productive citizens like you and me and hand it to the fast-growing nation of welfare dependents he’s creating. It’s redistribution of wealth, plain and simple.

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Most people are oblivious to what’s really happening in the world today – particularly in America. They believe all the promises politicians make and don’t even consider the possibility (actually the reality) that politicians pander to voters and are willing to say whatever it takes get them re-elected and keep themselves in power – including making promises they know they can’t keep.

But I believe you’re different.

I think you realize the time to take action is now. Like me, I’m guessing you too would rather take personal responsibility for your own well-being rather than follow the uninformed masses that believe the bureaucrats and rely on their empty political promises.

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As you probably know, laissez-faire means "leave it be." As in leave us alone by giving us less government… less regulation… and unhindered wealth creation.

Instead of constantly meddling and making things worse, the government should just get the heck out of the way and let the free markets and the free flow of capital and productive resources solve problems on their own as our Founding Fathers intended.

We need less government, less stifling rules and regulations, and less “Big Brother” style prying into the private lives of productive citizens – not more!

What we need more of is personal liberty and economic freedom.

Laissez-faire” and the ideas it symbolizes are much more than a fancy French term to people like us. I am absolutely convinced it is the single best idea for creating a more free, productive, and flourishing society.

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