Dear Self-Reliant American,

Imagine picking up an ordinary brown box from your doorstep…

And then noticing that it’s from an ex-CIA officer.

You rip open the discreet packaging to discover a book called Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

Imagine flipping through the easy-to-read book...

And instantly discovering the most powerful things you can do to protect your home, your privacy and your loved ones from disaster or violent criminals.

Things like…

How to make yourself literally IMMUNE to bullets — anywhere you go.

This is one bulletproof accessory I take with me when I travel. It weighs a fraction of a pound and no one has any idea it can be used to literally block bullets. Check it out on page 38.

The one nearly-BLACKLISTED item preppers invariably overlook.

Though you won’t have to turn to the black market to get this survival item, you won’t find it advertised openly. It can completely incapacitate an attacker if swung even by a 7 year old and it’s so small it clips right onto your keychain. I’ll show you what it is on page 35.

When it’s appropriate to bribe a police officer overseas — and how to do it
without getting arrested.

When I was being threatened with jail in a European country, I asked one simple question: “I know I have to pay a fine, how do I do that… can I pay you?” He got $50 and I got to go home. Every spy needs to know how to think on his or her feet. You’ll learn the easiest way In Chapter 8
on page 137.

Why it’s NOT always a good idea to help people... and how to know when it’s OK.

Ted Bundy used to walk around on crutches and drop books in front of his victims. And then knock them out when they bent down to pick them up. You won’t believe how else Americans are tricked into dangerous situations (some of them even happen on the highway). But there’s an easy way to see a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Teach everything you learn on page 147 to your family as
soon as possible.

Three simple but GENIUS ways to stay one step ahead of a mugger.

Sometimes running away is the best option (I’ll tell you when). Sometimes, handing over your wallet is (I’ll tell you when to do that, too). But sometimes, you don’t want to do either of these things and you need to take ACTION. On page 17, you’ll discover what I taught one of my clients, a petite woman. She used it at a gas station to fend off two attackers all by herself.

How to keep from freezing up in an emergency.

If there’s an emergency, such as a gun-wielding maniac in a shopping mall, do you want to be remembered as the guy who stood there and did nothing? What’s more, most people DIE in emergencies precisely because they did nothing. Here’s how to keep from being “that guy”
on page 20.

PLUS, 101 secrets every single spy knows
to protect himself from harm.

For example, you’ll discover instantly how to…

  • Hotwire a car
    (page 69) …
  • Pick locks in seconds
    (page 72) …
  • Become a human lie detector
    (see Chapter 9 on page 161) …
  • Improvise a self-defense weapon
    in an emergency

    (page 51) …
  • Pack a perfect emergency kit
    (turn to Chapter 3 on page 31) …
  • And, if necessary, disappear off the grid
    (page 177) …

Spy Secrets Is a Veritable Goldmine of Security Tips

and Today, I’ll Let You Read It for FREE

For two years, I’ve been showing decent Americans like you simple ways to protect their families from sneaky and often violent criminals...

Their homes from drug-fueled home invaders…

Their daughters and wives from rapists...

…And their privacy from government snoops, malicious hackers and nosey neighbors (or ex-spouses).

Why do they listen to me?

I’ve been trained by the CIA, so I know…

On top of that, I’ve conducted careful analysis of defensive techniques… interviewed survivors of disasters and criminal violence… researched violent criminal behavior…

And kept up with new scientific findings on why some people survive in emergency situations...

And why others die.

I’ve also investigated some of the smartest hackers in the world… learned the “inside” cyberwar secrets within the Agency… and talked strategy with more than a few secret agents.

Over the past year, I’ve condensed all this knowledge down into one easy-to-follow book.

And I’m “Leaking” 250 Free Copies to Americans Who Want to Protect
Their Families

So far, I’ve only leaked this book to a few people I trust.

I sent one out to a former client of mine, Heather O’Brien Walker, a well-known motivational speaker and life coach.

Only weeks after her training, Heather was put into a position where she was forced to use what I taught her to fend off two attackers.

She wrote:

“The secrets Jason reveals in this book have literally saved my life. I used what Jason taught me to escape a potential kidnapping and an attack. I’ll be forever grateful for the techniques he shared with me.”

I also shared a copy with Rorke Denver, a Navy SEAL and
New York Times bestselling author of Damn Few.
He Wrote...

“I have read many books and manuals focused on teaching and explaining these skill sets, but few hit the mark as cleanly, effectively and as easily digestible as Spy Secrets. This book is overflowing with practical knowledge and teaching points that can and will save your life.”

I also leaked one to former CIA officer and Director of the
International Spy Museum, Peter Earnest.
And here’s what he said…

“Jason Hanson is a powerful proponent and practitioner of personal defense tools and techniques, all designed to protect you and your family in your daily lives, at home, and even while traveling. The valuable information and insights in this book, the same material he delivers in classes all over the country, could save your life.”

Soup to nuts, inside Spy Secrets, you’ll discover over 101 instantly actionable techniques, tactics and methods to keep you and your family safe.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to claim your copy for free before they run out.

First, here is, in my opinion, the most important thing you’ll discover in my book…

How to Escape from
Any Restraint Including:

Handcuffs, Zip Ties and Duct Tape


I can tell you that there is no worse feeling than being bound and unable to move.

That’s because, during my CIA training, I was repeatedly tied up, gagged, and forced to escape on my own. Over and over again until I was able to succeed.

Please don’t think this can never happen to you. I promise you — it CAN.

It can happen during a home invasion… a kidnapping scenario… or, heaven forbid, a random hostage situation or civil crisis…

Can you imagine anything worse than being tied up against your will? Or helplessly watching a family member in the same situation?

What if I told you it’s more common you think…

On average over 2,000 Americans are taken
against their will per day.

83 per hour.

One every single minute…

The U.S. has more kidnappings per year than the next 11 nations combined.

And in my book, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to thwart, escape and evade those who wish to capture you…

Or do you and your family harm.

I’ve successfully taught these secrets to men and women from ages nine to seventy-seven, from many different backgrounds.

They are simple techniques ANYONE can use to get out of a literal “tight fix.”

Techniques like…

One simple trick that makes duct tape “melt” from your wrists.

Kidnappers or home invaders use duct tape because it’s quick and most people don’t know how to escape it. But you’ll never be a helpless victim once you learn this simple trick on page 53.

The behind the scenes method to break out of handcuffs like Houdini.

Police officers are terrified that this secret will get out. You don’t need expensive special tools or superhuman strength. All you need is a tiny item you can find anywhere that’s so small it’ll fit under your tongue. Houdini used it. Now you can too if
you see page 35.

What to do when you’re home sleeping and you hear a burglar downstairs.

Human nature will tell you to comply with the intruder and hope that he’ll go away. I’ll show you on page 90 why that’s the WORST idea — and what you
should do instead.

The biggest life-threatening mistake Americans make when they travel abroad that gets them kidnapped — or worse.

You have no idea how vulnerable we Americans are when we go overseas. You may as well travel with a target on your fanny pack. All you have to do to stay safe is blend in — just the way every spy is taught to do in tradecraft 101. Now I’ll show YOU how on page 98.

Never leave home without this sneaky weapon you can hide in plain sight.

No burglar is EVER going to notice these hiding on your shoes. But you can use them to cut through rope… tape… zip ties… and even use them to defend yourself from harm. See page 40 to learn more.

FOUR secret pressure points that disable any attacker in 2 seconds flat.

At any given moment, at least two of these pressure points will be wide open. (One is the brachial artery.) As soon as you see one, strike exactly how I tell you on page 220, and escape immediately. The attacker will be writhing in pain as you make your quick getaway.

PLUS, the MIND-BLOWING way to catch a kidnapper off-guard…
and turn him into a bumbling coward.

Once they grab you, you have less than ten seconds to avoid being put into the trunk or van. Here’s how to take charge. Surprise him with the same “Panic Blitz” secret that Brittnai Smith of Redding, California, used to break free when a man tried to drag her into his vehicle. See page 65 for the full, shocking story.

Of course, the best way to stay safe is to avoid trouble. But sometimes, you can’t.

And most Americans have no clue what to do in ANY dangerous situation.

If you’re starting from scratch, or even if you’ve trained in martial arts or some other form of self-defense…

You really need to know about my favorite spy tool and why I never leave my home without it.

Fits in Your Pocket.
Deadly as a Gun.
Allowed on a PLANE.

I’m talking about an inexpensive spy self-defense weapon I doubt 1 in 100,000 Americans know about.

And it’s so discreet that…

When you get yours, you’ll find no problem getting it onto planes. I’ve walked into a courthouse to pay a ticket and got it in without a second look.

It’s not a knife… pepper spray… a taser… none of that.

It’s more powerful than all three of these things.

So powerful, it’s one of many reasons why I’m not sure how long I’ll be allowed to keep this page up.

As you can see from this cease and desist order, I’ve been forced to take certain information off the Internet in the past…


It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened again.

So before this page gets shut down…

Let me tell you more about this secret weapon.

It costs only $35 and is worth every penny. Problem is, only a few brave online companies are willing to sell it.

The laws are slowly shifting and some are reporting they can’t ship to certain states.

But no matter where you live, I’ll show you exactly where to get one. Just flip your free copy of my book to page 225 and uncover everything you need to know.

And if you want to learn how to use this ultimate weapon effectively, you’ll want to reserve your free copy TODAY — before they’re all claimed. And then do EXACTLY what I say on page 36.

But that’s only a small part of the 250-page book.

Inside, I’ll show you why protecting your family from harm doesn’t have to take years of training…

Thousands of dollars…

Or a bunch of high-tech equipment…

You’ll discover, in all, over 101 censored survival secrets that anyone can use — even if they’ve never been in a fight, have zero backbone, and only $200 to their name.

Don’t Become Another
Victim of America’s Growing
Epidemic of Violent Crime


Last July 4, a man named Marc Bonds was minding his own business on the D.C. metro...

A criminal came up to him and punched and kicked him in the head...

…And then stabbed him at least 30 times, killing him.

Every single person on the train cowered in fear as Marc screamed for mercy and help. Not one of the bystanders said or did a thing.

Imagine if this were you. Or worse, someone you love.

Nothing is more terrifying than being in a
violent situation and feeling powerless
to defend yourself or help.

Do you want to be that guy who can only scream for help… or someone who impotently stands there while one or more of your fellow citizens (or, heaven forbid, someone you love) gets murdered right before your eyes?

I hope the answer is no.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you take on some maniac with a knife single-handedly.

Unless, of course, you understand…

How to pop a knife right out of an attacker’s hands
without even touching it or him… and other
tactics criminals pray you never discover…

Elite government operatives don’t have the time to train for years in order to survive out in the field.

This is why many of tricks I teach can be learned in less than five minutes — and then used instantly to fend off attackers.

For example, what to do if someone grabs your arm and tries to drag you.

Most people will try to step back. And they’ve just made themselves extremely vulnerable.

Instead, you want to step in close and bring your elbow straight up to the attacker’s face. But not in the way you might think. (I’ll show you how to do it effectively on page 221.)

Couple that with the simple “forward triangle” technique that allows anyone to leverage their body weight and you won’t be able to help but CRUSHING an attacker in one heavy blow. (Hint: It’s all about the angle. See page 230.)

Plus, you’ll also discover…

What to do if someone puts you in a choke-hold.

Simply jab two fingers into this easy-to-reach spot on their neck. Your attacker’s chin will immediately go down and he’ll step back. That’s when you make the next move. I reveal the precise spot and what to do next on page 223.

The mysterious “Mastaba” secret to attacking with a knife.

This is a knife-fighting tactic I picked up based on a strange ancient symbol. I hope you never have to use it, but it’s extremely effective. Simply remember that attacks should happen in threes — I show you exactly what I mean on page 229.

Disarm an attacker with a knife, whether it’s at your throat, chest, or back.

First, remain passive and don’t look him in the eyes. Instead, keep your eyes on one specific point. Watch it like a hawk. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about where the strike will come from. And then catch him off guard as you do as I suggest on page 231.

One frightening Hollywood cliché about violence that’s actually TRUE.

A woman who once took my defense training had a horrible encounter in Los Angeles. Out of nowhere, a man grabbed her wrist. She turned around and was horrified by what she saw. It’s what you’ll see on page 208. But with the tools I gave her on page 65, she’ll never be vulnerable again.

PLUS, if you travel, here are five items every international spy (and average American) needs to survive in a foreign country.

The first is easy, an international cell phone. Second, an ankle wallet. Third, a cheap laptop. Fourth, an Ironkey. And the fifth is most important. Grab what you see on page 62 (it’s probably in your kitchen clutter drawer) and you’re ready for anything.

Again I want to emphasize, my primary goal is to keep criminals away from you in the first place.

Which is why I was so shocked when I discovered...

The Surprising
Ways Most People
Literally INVITE Criminals
Right Into Their Homes


Did you know that there are over 8,000 burglaries in America every day?

The chances are one in five your home will be violated by a burglar.

Burglaries are bad enough. But even more frightening is that 38% of all violent assaults in the U.S. and 60% of all rapes take place during home invasions.

Fortunately, the same undercover techniques that keep burglars away discourage home invaders.

The fact is, no matter how good our security is, none of us live in the White House surrounded by guards 24/7.

There’s always the possibility of a home invasion.

And no home is ever 100% burglar-proof.

But I can get you to 98%. And you can be sure that your home will always be the LAST one in your neighborhood a burglar would ever want to mess with.

That’s why the FIRST thing you need to learn is the $15 trick that causes even professional burglars to skedaddle. I’ll tell you all about it on page 83.

But that’s not all you’ll discover.

Flip to page 76 in your FREE copy of Spy Secrets and discover…

Why certain lawn ornaments attract burglars like flies to honey.

Beware what you keep in your front yard. You’d be surprised what raises a burglar’s eyebrows and make him want to bust your window in. See page 81 for the weird truth.

Think you should ignore a stranger when he rings the doorbell? Think again.

You’re practically begging to get robbed and killed in your own home. I’ll show you what to do instead. (And no, it doesn’t involve opening the door.) This secret you’ll find on page 81.

How to clear your home like a SWAT operative.

If you have no choice than to confront a home invader, then you must know how to clear your home effectively. One simple tactic, for example, is to check all angles before walking in. Another is a little more tricky but is GUARANTEED to give you the upper hand. See page 88 for everything you need to know.

How to spot a burglar casing your home.

Remember that movie where a burglar breaks into a home wearing a ski mask and black outfit in the middle of the day? Don’t be fooled. Burglars never give themselves away that easily. Most blend right in to your neighborhood — and you never notice him until it’s too late. Learn how to spot a burglar instantly on page 79.

PLUS, one lock brand criminals can pick in under 11 seconds.

75% of locks on doors are Kwikset. Are yours? Go check. Seriously, do it. Because if so, I’ve personally picked a lock just like yours in under 11 seconds. Pro criminals can do even better. I’ll tell you the specific brands you must replace — and the locks that really will keep your family safe and protected on page 73.

But bad guys aren’t just anxious to break into your home.

All sorts of people are champing at the bit to break into your computer, your cell phone, and your credit card and other information.

Of course, as a spy, one of the first things we learned was how to keep private stuff PRIVATE and safe from curious or even prying eyes.

If that’s important to you, I think you’ll want to know…

How to Know Instantly
if Someone Has You
Under Surveillance


Whether it’s the government, your neighbor next door, or the private investigator your wife secretly hired, you want to know if someone’s got their eye on you.

In the digital age, they all have the means to spy on you.

But fighting back is simple.

For example, CIA agents are taught simple techniques to instantly detect if we’re under surveillance — if we’re being followed or spied on.

For example, to determine if you’re being followed, simply trick your stalker into doing something that automatically exposes him or her. It’s a simple three-step process that I’ll reveal to you on page 123.

Other tricks are even sneakier…

For example, did you know that you can use an old AM/FM analog radio to detect bugs? All you have to do is tune the AM radio slowly.

With most bugs, you’ll hear yourself on the radio once you catch the right frequency. Sounds strange, but it works.

Same goes if you’re being tailed in your car.

If you ARE being followed, the stalker probably put a tracking device on your car as well. And most of them run on the same frequencies as your AM radio.

Slowly run through the frequencies. If you hear a strong tone, it’s likely there’s a device attached to your car.

Look, I worked for Big Brother.

I was inside the belly of the beast. I can tell you with 100% certainty that you’re being watched and your privacy is in jeopardy to a far greater extent than you can possibly imagine.

Both from your own government, from people who want to do you harm or separate from your money (or identity)...

And from just plain snoops who would love to get their hands on your most sensitive information.

So here’s how to fight back and win...

How to stop a hacker from changing your password.

In the wrong hands, a password could mean a drained bank account… a stolen identity… and a complete loss of privacy. If more celebrities knew about this simple trick, they would suffer far less humiliation from leaked naked pictures on the Internet. See page 159.

How to disappear without a trace.

Whether you want to disappear from everyone or just one person, the rules are the same. First, conduct a misinformation campaign to confuse the enemy and throw him off your trail. The rest? See page 180.

How the mafia and Mexican drug cartels communicate with complete anonymity.

Go to Wal-Mart, spend about $20, and make a phone call. It’s that easy. And I guarantee Los Federales won’t be able to listen in. See page 187.

How to pull off any disguise.

The most important parts of pulling off a disguise are the details. Here’s a technique so powerful you could fool even your wife on the street. Just see page 195.

How short, fat, ugly men get the girl, and other social influence secrets.

The easiest way to influence someone is to figure out what motivates them. And I’ll show you exactly how to use this to your advantage on page 158

PLUS, how most con artists and spies try to manipulate you.

This has happened to me at a bar. A beautiful woman tried it on me and I saw right through it and shut her down immediately. This red flag you’ll discover on page 153 is the easiest way to spot someone with ill intentions.

Why am I Willing to Send
All This Absolutely FREE
to the first 250 who request it?


I’m sending 250 copies of my book out for two reasons.

First, I have recently joined forces with one of the most fiercely self-reliant independent research hubs in the world.

Not only do these guys care about your freedom and safety, but they’re willing to put their necks on the line to help you defend both. And that includes being bold enough to distribute my book to 250 Americans — for FREE.

And the second reason…

Many very high-up individuals prefer that you remain ignorant to what I learned in the CIA.

It’s the reason why, in the past, I mostly trained only CEOs, celebrities, and high-net worth individuals. And I was happy with the arrangement.

The money was great — and I stayed out of the spotlight.

But with the rapid rise in violence and the bumbling fools in Washington driving the economy into a crater, I refuse to sit on the sidelines…

That’s Why I’m on a Mission to Reveal All the Secrets That Criminals and Even the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know…

As mentioned, I’ve already leaked a few books to trusted sources.

One news source called it “an empowering guide that gives readers the tools to react to every possible threatening situation, be it a potential mugger on the street, a home invasion, or even a kidnapping.”

And as Cristina Columbi from Riverside, CA, wrote…

“You don’t need to be an agent to find these skills relevant to your life. You just have to be someone who is concerned with your safety and aware of your surroundings.”

And one former client, Darren P. from Nashville, TN, wrote…

"I can't say enough about what I took away from . The alertness and awareness of what is going on around me came in so handy while traveling — I will use these skills daily."

Honestly, I’ve told you everything you need to know to make a smart decision — now it’s up to you…

Now you have two choices,
as far as I can tell.

First Choice…

Your first choice is to just roll over and remain a victim for the rest of your life...

  • A victim to the burglar casing your home or even the nosey neighbor listening in on your conversations…
  • A victim to the drug addict on the street or the carjacker at the stoplight, or the man approaching while you fumble with your keys…
  • A victim to the crazed lunatic that starts shooting in mall because he took too many antidepressants…
  • And even victim to the Russian hacker selling your credit card information on the Internet…

And here’s the choice that
could save your life…


Second Choice…

Claim your FREE book before my supplies are gone and discover some of the best survival tips and tactics used by the most skilled agents on Earth.

Still skeptical?

Here’s what some military men and martial artists have said about this book…

Chuck O. of Las Vegas wrote to me recently and said:

“I’ve been in martial arts for about 15 years as an instructor and in the security business for about 10 years… I’ve never gathered such important information that is going to help me out in the field and possibly someday save my life.”

And here’s what journalist Mark Belair said…

“I have worked in over 50 countries many times under not the best of circumstances including kidnappings, civil unrest, terrorism and street crime. I wish that I had had the skill set that you teach long before now.”

And then there’s the survivalist Timothy Car from San Diego, CA…

“[Jason Hanson provides] information, techniques, and practices that are not widely available in either the military or law enforcement community."


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Why the elites are getting their money out of China — FAST!

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Sure, watching a video from your computer chair is different from taking a real-life training. But I’ve made sure to produce the videos in such a way that ANYONE can learn the fundamentals in only one short viewing.

You'll see how to instantly disarm an attacker who pulls a gun on you when getting in your car… you'll learn the secret of properly ramming a vehicle… you'll know how to escape from a kill zone with a broken-down vehicle… you'll discover how to do a 180-reverse turn so you can flee from a deadly situation… and much, much more.

Maybe you won’t get attacked by a band of terrorists, but what if some road rage meathead starts chasing you down on the highway?

It’s happened to me… and I pray it never happens again.

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