He’s an Ordinary Man… Who Survived the Worst Financial Meltdown in Modern Human History… and Documented His Decade of Hell in a “Secret Survival-Journal” that reveals:

“What Americans can Really Expect When the Dollar Collapses”

This man’s true-story is “like a crystal-ball view into our likely future in the USA.”
—John L

Dear Reader,

If you are one of the millions who believe that simply buying gold or storing ammo or building a bunker are enough to keep you safe when the dollar collapses then you need to see this man’s story…

He was just an ordinary architect with a wife, two children and a house in the suburbs when he was thrust into the largest collapse of sovereign debt the world has ever seen.

The riots began in late December, just a couple days before Christmas Eve.

Practically overnight, the banks closed their doors and violence and looting erupted in the streets.

The rich fled the country. The middle-class became the poor. And the poor became “desperate homeless creatures.”

Many innocent people died at the hands of street-thugs. Even more died of hunger.

He was forced to protect himself and his family without an arsenal of weapons, without a stockpile of supplies and without any foreknowledge of the living hell he would be facing for the next 10 years.

He had no formal training in the field of survival.

Yet he got through it… and he managed to keep his family safe and protected for over a decade.

Incredibly, he documented every last detail of the economic collapse – every tip, technique, every tidbit of knowledge – that helped his family and him survive.

It was all recorded in his one-of-a-kind “Secret Survival-Journal”…the only one we know of… borne from the aftermath of the worst economic collapse of modern times.

It contains first-hand experience of what life is REALLY like in a financial collapse… lessons and tips that could only be acquired by living through such an ordeal.

Copies of his secret “Survival-Journal” have recently surfaced in America and have sparked unheard of response…

Those who have read it are calling it:

“The Best Modern Survival Guide --PERIOD! …it’s like a crystal-ball view into our likely future in the USA.”

“The superlative addition to modern survivalist literature!!! It’s based on experience… there is no substitute for experience!”

“Excellent, Practical Advice from Someone Who's Been There, Done That... It may save your life or the life of those you care about it.”

That’s because his journal contains hundreds of pages of revolutionary information – even counter-intuitive intelligence that can be found no-where else, including…

Make no mistake -- This is NOT just another book about a “coming financial crisis”…

This Journal is a Complete Blueprint
For Surviving During a Crisis

Sure, the journal touches on what caused the Argentinian currency collapse—but the focus isn’t on the stocks, bonds, and figures that collapsed his country.

Truth be told, if charts and statistics are what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other books that focus on theory and speculation.

This survival-journal details a man’s real-life experiences and lessons, the steps and methods he used to protect his family through an actual real-world economic collapse.

Truthfully, I had no idea how important this “Regular Joe’s Survival-Journal” was going to be or how much it would stand out from every survival guide I’ve ever read—until I got to the 10th page.

Page 10 is where he began to describe the events that led up to an inevitable collapse. He identifies what caused the nations “debt bubble” to finally burst… Erupting into violent protests (where over 30 people were murdered in a single day).

I started seeing a lot of similarities between what happened in his country… and what’s going on in America right now.

By the time I finished reading his “Survival-Journal,” I decided that I was going to secure as many copies as I could … and send them out – to anyone who wants a copy - free of charge.

I firmly believe this should be required reading for any American who wants to get a first-hand perspective on what it really takes to survive a total currency collapse…

We – as American citizens – could be facing the same fate... and there’s much more to survival than simply buying “guns, gold and groceries.”

In fact, as he points out several times, much of what the “experts” tout as sound advice CAN GET YOU HURT… OR EVEN KILLED.

So if you’ve been told to “convert all of your saving into gold coins…”

If you’ve been told to “buy farmland in the countryside…”

If you’ve been told to “join forces with a ‘band of like-minded allies’ to protect your property and your family…”

You need to listen closely. Because from his personal experiences, there is a huge difference between “survival theory” and what it really takes to survive an honest-to-god currency collapse.

The Huge Misconception About Gold

I don’t know about you, but I’ve read dozens of books on surviving and preparing for a financial crisis. And they all seem to have the same advice when it comes to money…

Whether it’s a book written by a financial guru or a book written by an ex-navy seal or some other kind of self-proclaimed “survival expert,” they all give the same advice:

In order to protect your wealth in the event of a currency collapse, you should build a huge stockpile of either gold coins, gold bars or both because paper money will become worthless.

Some of these books even go as far as to tell you to make sure that you are buying rare and collectible (also known as numismatic) gold coins… because these are least likely to get confiscated by a desperate US Government, which is exactly what happened during the great depression.

And it all makes perfect sense, right?

After all, gold has historically proven to hold its value – or even skyrocket in value – when paper money collapses.

As Jim Rickards, author of the bestselling book “Currency Wars” points out, gold performs well in periods of high inflation as well as deflation.

So it’s completely logical to get your money out of “worthless paper dollars” and into real, physical gold.

But… even though gold can provide a great form of “savings account” in the midst of economic turmoil, there is one major problem with owning gold.

And it’s a problem that only someone who has actually lived through such an event would probably be aware of.

You would never be able to see the downside of owning gold unless you’ve been to a black market…and had no choice but to buy supplies like food and clothing from shady characters on street corners.

That’s what life will undoubtedly be like for us in the near future…

And as this ordinary architect learned the hard way, in many everyday situations, owning gold coins and bars can be downright dangerous.

As he notes repeatedly in his “Survival Journal,” you don’t want to use a shiny gold coin (or even a minted silver coin) for daily transactions.

In his own words, “You might as well paint an ‘I’m Rich… please kidnap me!’ sign and hang it around your neck."

Remember, life will be completely different from the way it is now… with many starving and disheveled people walking the streets. They’ll be hiding in plain sight waiting for some kind of opportunity to stroll by.

This is one of the basic themes in his “Survival Journal.”

You don’t want to draw attention to yourself… you don’t want to target yourself as someone else’s opportunity for a free meal.

In fact, you don’t want to look like you have any money at all.

In other words, gold coins and bars have their place. But they will be almost impossible to use for the things you will need every day.

As the author writes, “Showing a gold coin in public will be like flashing thousand dollar bills to people who are desperate, and who may be willing to kill you for much less.”

Instead, he recommends something different:

He even mentions another useful benefit for this type of alternative gold. In short, he explains how you can easily divide this type of gold into smaller pieces, to accurately fit the amount you’ll need for your purchase. In other words, there is no need to make change… which is a huge problem with a 1-ounce minted gold coin.

He even shows you how and where to get it (page 191)…

And the problems of owning gold aren’t limited to shopping with it…

If you plan on storing large amounts in your home, you have to make sure it is stored in a hidden and secure location.

As he’ll tell you through a few horrific stories of friends and neighbors who were subject to home invaders and house squatters, securing your gold (and other valuables) is extremely important.

For example, he knows of a man – who was a survivalist with lots of guns, food and a stockpile of gold – had a heart attack and spent the week in the hospital.

He returned home to discover his house had been picked clean. “The thieves robbed absolutely everything. They even took the doors and toilets.”

However, according to the “Survival-Journal,” there was something this man could have done to protect his gold and other valuable items…

It’s an actual system he developed to help ensure that – even if you get robbed – the thieves will probably only be able to get a small amount of your valuable items… while the majority of your most prized possessions will remain completely hidden. Again, this is something I’ve never seen mentioned before.

Of course, his advice on the proper way to use and store gold is just a small part of the incredible experiences and lessons he shares.

His Journal also reveals…

Of course this survival journal doesn’t just reveal how to protect your wealth.

It’s not just a list of financial “do”s and “don’t”s.

This journal is the single-most useful blueprint to facing life after a collapse ever written.

But again, don’t just take my word on it… here is what other folks in the survival community are saying:

I predict this will be a classic… I have a background from one of the most famous military elite units in the world. I’ll tell you, most "survival" books are unrealistic and at times naive. The examples the author uses about the misconceptions often held as dogma on survival is alone worth the price. If you don't think survival is brutal, you really need this…” –James W.

This man’s “Survival-Journal” addresses everything from psychological and physical readiness to discussions about various weapons and tools that may become necessary when the "worse-case" scenarios happen. I highly recommend it.” —Opal R.

It truly is unique and offers the reader a glimpse into an eat-or-be-eaten life that will likely follow a social or economic collapse.” --Skyler C.

Because – and I can’t stress this enough - it’s based on real-world experience. Self-defense, finances, street-smarts, warning signs, mind-set, equipment, and preparation—they’re all covered, written from the perspective of an average guy who’s been to hell and back.

But before I tell you more about this journal, let me tell you a little bit more about the survivor who wrote it…and why I want to send anyone who will listen a copy of his “journal,” free of charge…

A “not-so-average” Joe

The creator of this survival journal was an average guy—until the day he wasn’t.

That day was December 20th. The day the rioting began.

That was the day Fernando Aguirre – a regular, working class family man - was forced into the uncompromising position of a survivor, fighting every day for his right to live.

Just to be clear:

Fernando Aguirre is not ex-military.

He doesn’t own a bunker in the middle of the countryside…

And he did not have a stockpile of water and food at the ready leading up to the collapse of his country.

In other words, he was not a trained survivalist… and he had no idea as to how bad things would become when:

When madness descended upon him, Fernando was newly married, soon to be a father, and working hard as an architect.

His chronicled experiences offer insights into survival from the perspective of a man with a family and needs.

After reading it myself—and having the chance to talk to Fernando in person (More on that in a moment)—I believe this new read is so important, I’ve decided to purchase thousands of copies…

And I’d like to send you one—free of charge.

All you have to do is let me know where you’d like me to ship your copy. I’m even going to cover the cost of shipping and handling…

Why would I do that?

Because I wholeheartedly believe that this book could save your life… and the lives of those you love.

I’m that serious.

This book isn’t full of hypotheticals and theories like all the others, written by “survival fans” or “bunker builders”.

This book will open your eyes to the reality of what we could all be facing here in America. A total collapse of our financial system, brought on by the lies of politicians and the corruption of our banking industry.

You’ll finally be able to identify the final sign of the coming collapse in time to make your final preparations.

I can’t stress enough how important having a survival manual will become when the collapse finally hits.

And I can’t think of anybody more qualified than Fernando to help you prepare.

If you were flying into the heart of a violent storm would you rather have a guy who assembles model airplanes at the helm or would you prefer a pilot with thousands of hours in the cockpit?

It sounds like such an easy choice…

But I can’t tell you how many people choose the model builder when it comes to their own survival guidance. They choose to listen to survival “fans” and survival “theorists”.

The problem is: a real collapse is different than what people picture in your minds.

It isn’t the end of the world… civilization won’t completely fall apart in some kind of “Mad Max” scenario —like 90% of survivalists will tell you…

It will just be a much more challenging and dangerous time.

As Aguirre sagely points out in his journal: Kids will still go to school—but many of them will be starving. People will still go to work—but they will be making far less money. It won’t be a time of complete lawlessness. There will still be a police force… but the police won’t typically be around to actually “stop” crime…but they’ll certainly come and arrest you if you do something illegal.

It is insights like these that make this survival journal so valuable. They are the insights of a regular guy going through riots, crimes, takeovers, overthrows, murder, starvation, and everything else that accompanies financial collapse.

Fernando wasn’t one of the billionaires who bankrupted his country and then fled. He didn’t have a trust fund to cushion him when the economy dipped. He didn’t have the cash for the eccentric resources most survivalists recommend.

His “Survival-Journal” is about simple and practical ways to stay safe on a limited budget. It’s advice anyone can benefit from… no matter how old you are or how wealthy you are.

That’s what makes this journal unlike anything else you’ll ever read.

Every word he’s written is dedicated to protecting and providing for his family… just like you would do for yours.

In fact, parts of his journal are dedicated specifically to how he defended his home and kept his family fed…

And, while he doesn’t like to stir up many of the horrific memories from the collapse, he shares a menagerie of stories from his constant struggle…

The architect doesn’t stop at passing on his experiences.

He also explains the morals of the stories, the mind-blowing lessons he learned.

His journal answers questions you probably don’t even know to ask.

For instance…

Fernando doesn’t beat around the bush as he hands out these keys to survival.

Everything he’s ever learned about survival after successfully doing it for 14 years is included in his self-published journal: The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse

It’s an eye-opening must-read if you’re at all concerned with the next stage in America’s potential downfall…

Which is why I want to send you a free copy today…

The First 300 Folks Who Act Today
Are Guaranteed A Physical Copy…
Completely FREE

You may not agree with everything Fernando says right now…

But I am willing to bet that if the value of the dollar drops 75% and the riots begin you might just change your mind.

I’m also willing to bet that as you read this book, you will find yourself taking a copious amount of notes, underlining full passages, and talking about it constantly with your friends, coworkers, and family.

That’s why I want to give you one copy, absolutely free. There are so many valuably ideas presented in this book it would be impossible to cover everything.

It’s jam-packed with ideas and insights that you won’t find ANYWHERE else.

For example…


I think you get the point.

Fernando Aguire’s self-published masterpiece, appropriately titled, The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse… is the only journal I have ever come across that offers a blueprint for surviving the coming collapse that has actually been tried and tested by a real survivor living through a real collapse.

Fernando Aguirre shows you how to cut through the lies and pandering that our leadership will spout, how to survive the most dangerous times of your life, how to protect your family, and how to go on living your life when the entire country is upside down.

That’s why I want to make sure you have a chance to get your own free copy…

My name, by the way, is Doug Hill.


I am the Director of the Laissez Faire Letter—a publication dedicated to informing earnest Americans of the true state of America.

Laissez Faire is a French term that refers to an attitude of letting things take their own course, without interference.

That’s the mentality we bring to our publication.

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While other outlets obey every command passed down by the corrupt banks, politicians, and corporations who fund them we pledge our allegiance to the people of this country. That’s why I sometimes recommend the most powerful and underrated books of our time—because it’s my job to discuss the big issues that no one else wants to talk about.

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Some were too personal, others too controversial.

One of the questions we asked him concerned the events leading up to the collapse. And whether or not he sees the exact same warnings triggering in the U.S.

His in-depth answer is really something every American should hear.

We also asked him…

He doesn’t just share survival secrets though. He also discusses some of the most painful aspects of the collapse…

Like the family he was unable to help who he found rummaging through his trash. And how he eventually came to accept that he couldn’t save thousands of starving children—he could only keep his own family safe and fed.

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