Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Gale Dent.

For two years, my father was an IRS hit man.

He tracked down people. He intimated them. He took them to court and pressured them into settling for thousands of dollars, even if they did nothing wrong.

It was his job. And in the IRS’ eyes, he was damn good at it...

But after reviewing a tax return in which the government overcharged a Christian contractor $98,000 and almost cost the contractor and 15 employees their livelihood...

My dad finally had enough.

He finally saw the IRS for what it really is — a thuggish agency that’s meant to intimidate people like you and me into paying MORE taxes than necessary.

So my Dad packed his bags and left the IRS forever.

After walking out of the door, he vowed to turn the tables on the IRS…

And he began using the secrets and strategies and hidden loopholes he discovered over the course of his career to help patriotic Americans legally and ethically pay the LOWEST tax rates.

Being a daddy’s girl all my life, I sucked up every one of the secrets he showed me. Every single tip and technique for potentially saving thousands on your taxes.

Today, I’d like to show you to use these strategies to “disappear” from the IRS.

Things like…

  • A loophole that lets you file under head-of-household rates, even though you have no children! It’s perfectly legal and could save you thousands of dollars

  • A valuable way to deduct thousands of dollars without a single receipt. No longer will you let missing receipts keep you from taking deductions you’re entitled to

  • The “boomer’s dream,” and how to deduct 100% of your medical expenses… a timely tax secret that saves you money on Obamacare

  • How to save thousands by claiming your daughter as a dependent… even if she’s married… doesn’t live with you… and works full time

  • Traveling somewhere exotic on business? There’s a way to take your spouse and write off their travel costs too

  • 21 different opportunities for tax-free income you’ll never see advertised… and the government doesn’t want you to hear about

  • And much more…

Already, these secrets are being put to use from Maryland to California. From Florida to Alaska.

The results are amazing…

Recently, a hairstylist named Janet Evans filled out a hidden tax form (HB2600) and saved $4,881 in 2013.

Another man, Rick Rhodes from Hinckley, took advantage of what you’re about to see and saved $635. Now instead of worrying about his taxes, he's happy to save money. He told me, “I’m more than doubling [the money] I would have gotten."

And I found another story about a contractor named Doug Garret. Doug saved $1,500 using some of what you’re about to see.

None of these patriotic Americans did anything complicated or illegal.

None of them used those offshore bank accounts we hear about on TV.

None of them lied.

And none of them did anything that would expose their family to an audit.

They simply spent 30 additional minutes per month (that’s all!) and took advantage of some of the 97 tax-slashing loopholes and strategies you’ll discover today.

Depending on your tax burden, these tips could save you as much as an extra $2000–18,000 this year alone.

I’ll repeat — this information in this presentation could save you nearly $20,000 this year. And the year after that. And the year after that… for as long as you choose.

And don’t worry — it’s not your fault if you’ve never heard of these unusual techniques…

According to one study, only 3% of the total 140 million returns filed took advantage of one of these tax-slashing strategies.

And according to my Dad, it’s likely your accountant doesn’t know these tools either.

Accountants, like lawyers and stockbrokers, make their money by feasting on the income of the middle class.

They don’t care about saving you money. They care about their own fees, hourly commissions, and wages. You’re just another number in their appointment book.

The savings you have the opportunity to generate after today’s presentation… whether $2,000 or $20,000… are yours to do with as you please.

The money you save in taxes and fees is not a loan, and there’s nothing to pay back.

After all, it’s YOUR money you’re simply putting back into your pocket.

You can use the savings to pay down debt. To invest and compound into ever more money. Or to take a beach vacation.


But from that extra money, you’ll enjoy more:

Wealth, independence, freedom, and security.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro accountant or a complete novice. It also doesn’t matter if you paid $5,000… $50,000… or $5 million in taxes last year.

With This Information, I Promise You Can Save

AT LEAST $2,000 on Your 2014 Taxes

In fact, during a recent survey, average taxpayers, using the tricks you’re about to see, slashed an average of $18,000 off their tax bill in one year alone.

And they could have the opportunity to save another $18,000 the year after that. And another $18,000 after that.

For life.

And no, they didn’t need to lie, cheat, steal, or go offshore to make these legal loopholes work.

And they didn’t need a lot of time or a complex knowledge of the tax system, either.

And they didn’t lay awake at night worrying about an unwelcome IRS agent banging on their door.

Because everything today is legal and ethical.

But here’s what you DO need…

  • To have the desire — the strong, burning desire— to hang on to your money…

  • To know the single best way to turn those savings into a massive compounded investing fortune…

  • To know how to beat the IRS at their own game…

  • And about a half hour of time each month (that’s all!) to put these tax-slashing strategies to work throughout the year…

So read until the very end and you’ll discover a “vanishing point” within the IRS.

I’ll also show you two “freedom” loopholes, as I call them, that you can take advantage of immediately to save up to $2,000, $10,000 or more on this year’s tax returns.

If you like those loopholes, you’ll discover how to get the full details on dozens more — each designed to save you time and money.

Things Like...

  • An easy way to deduct a portion of your mortgage or rent payments, without owning a home-based business and without breaking a single law

  • The juiciest tax shelter? Hint: It has to do with your family. A $10,000 investment saves you $9,000 in taxes… year after year after year

  • The “vanishing point,” that sets you up to pay ZERO taxes. Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds right now, there’s a legal way to pay $0 in taxes — and you don’t have to be poor or get into an iffy tax shelter to do it. The average American could walk away with $72,500 in completely tax-free income

  • How to lose weight, feel great… and make it a tax deduction! You don’t even need a prescription when you do it this way.

You’ll see the stories of more than 100,000 Americans that are already using many of these strategies to essentially “disappear” from IRS computer screens.

And you’ll discover these people are very much like you —hardworking, patriotic Americans with families.

But now — using the tricks and tools you’re about to discover — these Americans are slashing their tax bills, saving their own hard-earned money, growing that extra savings into fortunes… and “disappearing” from the IRS.

Gone are the money problems.

Gone are the sleepless nights… wondering if they’re overpaying.

Gone are the fears they’ve done something wrong and IRS bullies are coming for them.

They didn’t have to hire fancy attorneys to do this for them.

They’ve simply dedicated 30 minutes each month to the strategies you’re about to see. That’s all. And now they’re saving $2,000–10,000 on average… year after year after year.

But it’s critical you act on these strategies right now. Every day you delay could cost you more money and more frustration.

Let me show you why…

description description

Rich or Poor


Knowing how to vanish from the IRS could be the easiest way to grow rich. You’ll see how in a moment.

But as I mentioned earlier, you need to have the burning desire to keep an extra $4,800 or more this year in your own pocket.

You may be rolling your eyes right now, saying, “Of course I want to keep more money in my pocket!”

But do you really?

I’ve seen it time and time again…

There are a lot of hardworking Americans out there terrified of the tax collectors.

These normally courageous people will fall in fear when it comes to the IRS. They’ll gladly fork over WAY more than necessary just to avoid any potential conflict.

A political commentator once said that we’re so scared of the IRS, most Americans would rather have their wallet stolen than go through an audit.

But here’s the thing…

What you’re about to see works (I’ll prove it). It’s easy (I’ll show you). And it’s all ethical and legal (I’ll share real-life stories with you).

These tax law loopholes could be worth thousands or more to you on this year’s taxes alone.

Once you’ve saved the money, here’s what to do next…

The Greatest Moneymaking

Secret on Earth

You don’t have to be an investment wiz to grow rich.

You can build a million-dollar nest egg even if you know nothing about investing.

All you have to do is take your yearly tax savings and put them into a very conservative investment opportunity that safely takes advantage of the most powerful financial force on Earth…

Compounding interest.

Just look at what can happen if you take a very conservative annual tax savings of $4,500 and compound it at a 9% annual rate:


You can grow an EXTRA million dollars!

Just see for yourself…

Using compounding interest, in 10 years, you’ll have 85,174.46

In 15 years, you’ll have $160,400

And in just over 30 years, you’ll have a million dollars

  • Without working an extra minute…

  • Without scrimping and saving…

  • Without doing anything risky or illegal!

Now, that sounds like a long time, but in a moment, I’ll show you how to reach that million in just 19 years using three incredible tax loopholes!

But first, just look what saving and compounding did for an IRS agent named Jeff Thompson.

His job at the IRS was to audit the tax returns of New York’s upper class.

First, he saw the amazing tax-slashing secrets these rich were using to legally shelter their money from taxes.

Jeff took those secrets and used the power of investing to turn his meager tax savings… into more than $22 million.

In fact,Thompson had so much money that upon his death he donated the bulk of it to his favorite college and even had a scholarship named after him.

Isn’t it amazing how saving just a small amount on your taxes this year can turn into an absolute fortune for you and your family?

Of course, if you’re interested in saving money (and who wouldn’t be?!?) then you’re going to want to act fast — before April 15 of this year!

Here’s why…

Why You’d Better “Disappear”


Thanks to his social programs President Obama is the biggest government spender in American history…

Just over a decade ago, the federal government debt was "just" $5.6 trillion.

Today, it's a staggering $18 trillion. And the meter never stops running. Our debt increases by $35 million an hour.

How much is $18 trillion? Let’s put it into perspective…


Actor Tom Cruise reportedly makes $75 million a year. A lot of money. But for him to earn $18 trillion, he would have to make $75 million a year for 238,000 years.

That’s a staggering amount of debt. And there’s just no way we can afford to pay it back!

So what’s going to happen?

As we’ll soon find out the hard way… broke governments do desperate things.

Why Your Tax Rate Could


It doesn’t matter to Washington that we are already up to our neck in taxes...

It’s only getting worse.

Take a look at Obamacare, for example…

21 NEW taxes are now the law of the land because of this new health care law.

21 NEW taxes are now the law of the land because of this new health care law.

There’s a 2.3% tax on medical devices. There’s a 10% tax on indoor tanning. There’s a 3.8% Medicare tax added to investing income. And the list goes on and on and on.

In fact, Congress has on average made one change to the tax code per day to get at your pocketbook.

But that’s not the worst news…

We’re about to get hit with some serious tax hikes…

Thanks to expiring deductions, tax rates could jump substantially this year.

As one reporter says,

"Everyone's taxes will go up quietly."

That’s criminal, wouldn’t you agree?

But here’s the good news…

More Than 97 Tax Loopholes


With those taxes come thousands and thousands of pages of code. All written by different lawyers over different decades.

In fact, there are now nearly 74,000 pages of tax laws on the books. That’s about 185 times longer than it was in 1913, when the code was 400 pages.

Added up, the tax code now looks more like Swiss cheese than law.

Dozens and dozens of tax loopholes exist. Some small enough to save you hundreds each year. And some large enough to drive a Greyhound bus through.

Just take a look for yourself…

  • The “Rockefeller law” that lets you pay the lowest legal tax rate of ALL Americans… no matter your age or income. This underutilized move lets you get cash back from the government for annoying personal expenses from car payments to computers. This single loophole alone could save you as much as $4,600 this year

  • Follow six simple rules about “home” ownership… and this tax-deductible gold mine could be worth up to $500,000 in tax savings for you

  • Child or grandchild in the family? There’s a single move you can make to claim an easy $5,000 business deduction

  • An unusual retirement account you must contribute to first to maximize your tax savings (SHOCK: It is NOT a matching 401(k))

  • The “Intimate Co-worker” that allows you to potentially double, even triple the amount of money towards retirement. The only question is do you qualify for this weird-sounding program? About HALF of Americans do.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, Sure, sure. This all sounds like a good thing… but I’ve got a GREAT accountant that handles this all for me…

But does he take advantage of everything the law offers? Every loophole? Every dollar he can save you? Every penny he can earn you?

Or does he simply collect your filling fee and move on to the next person like a human conveyer belt?

Chances are you’re sacrificing a fortune… and putting yourself at even MORE risk.

Did You Make the Simple, Common


Gone on the days when you trust your CPA or tax professional to get it right.

They think being conservative is the safe thing to do, but I’m here to tell you that’s a myth and it could get you in a lot of trouble.

In fact, CBS News reports that nearly HALF of all tax returns that overpaid were put together by a third party such as a lawyer or CPA.

The Government Accountability Office reported as many as 2.2 million taxpayers were overpaying their taxes by $438 per person…

If you make this mistake year after year, that turns into a $2,190 mistake in five years. And a $4,380 mistake over 10 years.


But here’s something disturbing…

Those figures were from 1998, when gas prices hovered around a dollar and Bill Clinton was Time magazine’s man of the year.

Can you imagine how much money the average American overpays today?

$1,000? $3,000? More?

$3,000 a year is an absolute fortune over time…

If you invested that money at a moderate rate of return, in just five years, you’d have an extra $22,570…

That’s unbelievable!

Why don’t more people know about the loopholes and strategies you’ll see today?

The truth is most CPAs and tax attorneys don’t know them. Maybe one in 100 understands what I’m talking about here today.

These accountants are more concerned with protecting their tail than getting you the maximum deductions the law allows. They want to collect your fees, file your taxes, and move on to the next customer as quickly as possible.

Worse yet…

Not only do they miss deductions that could cost you money, but they set you up for audits and frustration, too.

Consider this story from Consumer Reports…



In an undercover story, the popular magazine sent employees out to put CPAs to the test. Their findings were shocking…

A tester in Philadelphia handed her tax preparer Form 1098, a simple mortgage interest statement. The preparer turned to a co-worker and asked what to do with it.

The same preparer made numerous errors on the mystery shopper’s tax return including:

The same preparer made numerous errors on the mystery shopper’s tax return including:

  • Failing to recognize $3,500 in unemployment compensation as taxable income

  • And neglecting to include another $25 in interest income.

In Durham, N.C., things took a turn for the worst. The tax preparer told the mystery shopper not to report a dividend as income. Oops!

The fact of the matter is your CPA (however nice he may be) doesn’t care about saving you money or helping you in deductions and write-offs.

You’re the one who pays if the IRS comes knocking.

And research shows there’s a HUGE risk of that happening when you use a third-party tax preparer.

When it comes to your money, no one will take as good care of it as you.

You know it.

I know it.

And that’s why the strategies you’re about to see are so important.

Remember, every taxpayer could save another $4,600 this year.

And you’ve already seen how that annual savings can grow to an absolute fortune when you put the power of compounding to work.

Taken together, these strategies could help you “disappear” from the IRS all together. No audits. No frustrations.

Let’s get down to business…

Your Tax Savings


A lot of taxpayers think tax time starts in April.

But that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a taxpayer.


The fact of the matter is tax time is a 30-minute, end-of-month activity.

Just half an hour. That’s all.

With good assistance and half an hour a month, you’ll know all the tax-rich opportunities… and how to tap these tax angles for maximum money in your own life.

There are dozens of loopholes waiting for you in your daily activities. These loopholes can save you thousands of dollars.

For Example...

  • Description


    Employed but want to make a lot more money? The “Wake Up Late” loophole can increase your take-home pay as much as 18 times or more!

  • Description

    House Payments

    There’s a way to deduct a portion of your mortgage or rent payments, without owning a home-based business and without breaking a single law.

  • Description

    Medical Expenses

    The "Doctor's Secret" let’s you deduct 100% of your medical expenses… saving you thousands even if you enrolled in OBAMACARE, MEDICARE, or MEDICAID.

  • Description


    A simple secret called the “Romney Clause” allows you to pay the LOWEST legal tax rates... This is the same secret used by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney to pay just 14% tax rates despite being a billionaire!

  • Description


    Six simple steps can turn your cross-country vacation into a tax-deductible gold mine… worth up to $500,000 in savings.

  • Description

    Home Repairs

    There’s an "Allowance" tax shelter that considerable amount of income from the IRS. Most people never use it. But it’s there for the taking.

  • Description

    Automobile Expenses

    Owning a very specific type of vehicle could lead to your biggest tax-deduction ever... up to $500,000 in tax savings. (Hint: This has NOTHING to do with any hybrid or energy-efficient vehicle.)

  • Description

    Computer Costs

    A specific type of popular tax software can cause penalties or trigger an audit. We recommend avoiding it at all costs. (DANGER: Nearly 30% of Americans could be putting themselves at risk for an audit by using this software.)

  • Description


    Lose weight, feel great... and make your weight loss a massive tax deduction! You don’t even need a prescription when you do it this way. As the pounds melt away, and so does your tax bill.

  • Description

    Tax-Free Investing Income

    There are 21 different, little-known ways to generate tax-free income that runs $51,456 or more. Some are right there in your city or state. Find out the number to call to claim this tax-free income today.

  • Description


    What about travel? Feeling like you could use a paid-for vacation? The “Dream Retirement Fix,” as I’ve dubbed it, says follow six simple rules and you could write off nearly all your travel expenses… including up to $500,000 for your transportation… even if you travel for a year, five years, or indefinitely.

  • Description

    Daily Spending

    Sick and tired of saving receipts? Thankfully, the “Paper Saver” tax law lets you ethically deduct thousands in taxes without holding on to a single scrap of annoying paper.

In the end, almost all your important life decisions can be used to save you money. And it couldn’t be easier.

Set aside just 30 minutes at the end of the month to review your activities. Grab a piece of paper and match everything you’ve done up to one of these loopholes.

Everything from commuting costs to vitamins to eyeglass prescriptions can be used to save you money on your taxes.

So ask yourself…

How Many of These Legal Deductions Did You


  • Your swimming pool

  • Your chiropractor visits

  • Your prescriptions

  • Your home telephone bill

  • Your hobbies and associated costs

  • Your boats and other vehicles

  • Your parents’ medical costs… even if they pay for them

  • Your in-home parties… even if you don’t invite clients

  • Your gifts… including big-ticket items

  • Your motorhome

  • Your closing costs

From birth to death, many of your daily activities can be used to save you money on taxes. All you need to know is how to apply each one.

When used properly, these strategies can save you thousands.

Those thousands, compounded the correct way, could turn into millions.

And that could mean the difference between living a life of riches and a life of just scraping by. They could mean the difference between saving thousands and living happy… and living in misery as you send the tax man thousands more than what you owe.

Let’s take an in-depth look at a few specific strategies I recommend you begin using right now… before you file this year’s tax returns.

$10,000 Worth of

“Ghost Income”

If you own your home, then you'll love this quirky tax surprise. It could show you how to put as much as a cool $10,000 worth of income into your pocket… tax-free.

Best of all, it's all completely legal.

Most people don't know this, but current tax law allows you to rent out your home for two weeks, tax-free.

It's all part of Internal Revenue Code Section 280(A)(g) in particular. You can look it up to see for yourself. Here’s how it works…

Let's say you own a home in Texas, but you are planning on vacationing in Florida for two weeks.

Instead of leaving your home empty, you can rent it out. All the income you receive — be it $1,000 or $10,000 — is 100% tax-free.

Here’s an example of how it looks:

  • Your Income for Home Rental: $10,000

  • Your Legal Tax Liability for That Income: $0

  • Your Savings: $10,000

This tip works extremely well if you live near sporting venues, like those used for golf and tennis events. Athletes oftentimes roll into town and pay huge fees for short-term rentals.

It also works well during inauguration time in Washington, D.C. I've seen stories of homeowners in the D.C. area renting out their three-bedroom condos for $10,000 per week... again, all tax-free!

And here’s the best part…

Taking advantage of this strategy sends a message to the IRS.

A very subtle message that can’t be mistaken.

The message that you know all about loopholes, and that you plan to milk them for all they’re worth.

That kind of smart behavior marks you as a tax pro — someone the IRS doesn’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole.

They’ll leave you alone. And you could wind up richer.

Here’s one more example of how you can instantly save thousands on your next tax bill and send the proper message to the IRS…

A Quick and Easy

$9,000 Savings

If you send your kids to college, is the college tuition deductible?


If you buy them a car and shell out a fortune for their room and board, is that going to save you any money on taxes?


If your daughter marries the man of her dreams and asks you to pay for that special yet pricey wedding, do you get to write that off?


But what if you could deduct
the equivalent of all of this?

What if you could lower your tax bill by these costs… $50,000, $100,000… or more?

You can.

All you have to do is hire your children to do work for a business you own.

It’s really a win-win.

Your kids are putting in elbow grease for you. They get paid money to pay for their college, their cars, and their future fun money.

And suddenly you can deduct all the money you pay them on your taxes.

So let’s say your daughter works for you. You pay her $30,000 over the course of the year — or approximately the cost of her wedding.

Here’s an example of how it would look:

Your Legal Deduction for a Payment to a Child: $30,000

Your Tax Bracket (Average): 30%

Your Savings: $9,000

And what’s even more exciting is your child pays no tax on the first $6,100 they earn each year.

Now that’s big news...

It’s like beating the tax system twice!

The loopholes really are endless.

And as you’ve seen, just a few of them could make a dramatic difference in your life.

How to Turn $19,000 into

MORE THAN $225,000

You’ve just seen how renting your house out could save you $10,000.

And you’ve seen how paying your kids could save you $9,000.

Added up, that’s $19,000 this year alone. But watch what happens when you compound that money…


At a conservative 9% rate, your money turns into:

  • Nearly $155,200 after only five years…

  • Almost $359,700 after 10 years…

  • And more than $1 million after just 19 years…

And here’s where it gets REALLY exciting…

Say you’re able to produce better returns. Maybe 15% compound returns. Well, after 20 years, your initial savings today turns into more than $2,256,000.

Imagine what you could do with that money… without having to slave for hundreds of extra hours to get it?

How will your life be different when you discover the hidden wealth in your tax return?

What would it feel like to see that extra money every month?

What would be your first move?

Will you pay off debt? Buy that fast new car you’re always talking about? Invest in a property in a tropical paradise for pennies on what you’d pay here in the U.S.?

Or maybe you want to take a more charitable route and create a scholarship fund.

Whatever it is, you can make it your reality. And all it takes is the strategies you’re seeing today and an hour of work per month. That’s it.

Now I’d like to share with you some true-life success stories of people that have already “disappeared” from the IRS. These people now live lives of independence and financial freedom.

They’re not only saving money using these strategies — they’re sleeping easy at night, too.


Stock Broker Walks Away From



Meet John Tanner, a Wall Street stockbroker.

As someone deep within Wall Street, you’d think John would have known everything there is to know about wealth.

How to save it. How to grow it. How to hang on to it. But John was shocked when he finally found the tax-saving secrets I’ve been showing you. Let me explain…

John came from very humble beginnings. In fact, for years, he served as a missionary for his church and didn’t have a cent to his name.

After finding luck and fortunes in the stock market, John decided that New York wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The more money he brought in, the more
money the government took away.

But John was making a big mistake…

Put simply, he was overpaying. And not by a little amount, either. (In a moment, I’ll show you how John saved nearly half a million dollars!)

Luckily, a well-connected banker in his early 40s let slip a tax secret that would change John’s life.

Put simply, John started a business. He ran ALL his expenses through that business… and was able to write off everything from his car to a portion of his rent to his home utilities.

And the business was nothing complicated. No brick-and-mortar shop to go to. No monthly leases, electric bills, or vendors to pay.

He simply filled out a two-page form, wrote a check for $125, and started an LLC.

And this one idea saved John $480,000 in taxes over the next six years. That averages out to $80,000 per year — more than most people make in a year.

What’d he do with his savings?

Three years ago, John explored 19 countries… and the savings he found through this tax secret paid for his visit to every single one.

And here’s the thing…

Starting an LLC may be the single best tax loophole you can take advantage of. You may even be eligible to start a business right now… and retroactively write off PAST expenses.

And you don’t need to have customers… own a building… or do many of the things associated with a typical business.

But there are very specific steps you must follow — in a specific order — to make this all 100% legal. I’ll show you the details on how to learn those steps in a moment.

Here’s another story you’ll enjoy…


Veteran Defies Accountant



George Riley never thought of himself as tax savvy.

As a Navy man from Indiana, he’s always hated cold weather… hated the IRS… and hated bureaucratic waste.

Hell, all he ever really wanted to do was get a tan, travel, and work on his golf swing.

He never imagined a very specific tax loophole would make it possible for him.

Recently, that’s all changed…

Just listen to what he told me.

“My friends were doing the things I wanted to… going down to the range every Tuesday to try out the latest and greatest driver, spending weekends in Cabo… One of them even started making his own wine and visiting wineries around the country. I thought, gee, these guys aren’t smarter or better off than me… how are they doing this?"

“That’s when I discovered what you call ‘IRS Proof Fun.’ I was amazed at what the government lets you write off."

“I could take tax-deductible vacations, tax-deductible golf trips, and in many cases, use my personal expenses to lower my tax bill."

“But my accountant didn’t want me to take advantage of it. He was afraid it would flag me for an audit."

“I did it anyway… and turns out I was right."

“And it’s saved me $50,000 so far.”

We were shocked by his findings.

But George is not the only one
making this secret work…


Mother Embarrasses Daughter Into



32-year-old Linda Bernstein loves travel too.

That’s why she scrimped and saved to visit the world-famous beaches in Mui Ne, Vietnam… the towering peaks in Machu Picchu, Peru… and the salmon-rich waters in Kenai, Alaska.

She was shocked to discover her friends were taking these trips on Uncle Sam’s dollar.

“I felt like a dummy,” she said.

“I literally threw more than $20,000 down the toilet by not using what you call ‘IRS Proof Fun’ all these years."

“I’m embarrassed to say my mother turns 60 this year, and she started using this secret before me. That statement just doesn’t feel good when I say it."

“You might think my mom is really smart when it comes to taxes and loopholes, but it’s the opposite."

“She doesn’t even have an ATM card because she thinks dealing with pin numbers is too complicated."

“That’s really what convinced me to make the change. If my mom could do it… I figured anyone could."

“Now I spend less than one hour a month tallying what the U.S. government owes me."

“My friends believe I’m living the dream… and I guess I am."

“Next week, for example, I’m taking a $600 Disney cruise, and the whole thing is an IRS-approved write-off.”

Linda’s story is encouraging.

And she’s not the only one.

Take a look at the list of everyday Americans using some of these tax-slashing secrets…


To tell you about who I am, I must first tell


Bill was an IRS agent. One of the best.

But his whole life changed one day. Let me explain…

As Bill stood across from the man on the stand, he couldn’t believe his luck.

The defendant was relaxed, like he had nothing to hide.

But Bill knew better.

Bill knew he could nail this guy for over $2 million in unreported income.

And Bill knew there was only one thing that could save him… a simple sentence that would get him off the hook.

Bill smiled.

He knew the defendant was clueless. In over 200 cases in the past few years… only one person used this secret — a simple phrase — to save his skin.

(I’ll share with you this single sentence in a moment. You’ll be able to use it to save yourself in ANY audit, too… even if you’re guilty! But back to our story.)

That was the first time a tax payer ran circles around Bill… and it completely changed his view of the U.S. tax system.

He never imagined the laws that bind U.S. taxpayers would give Americans so much power over the IRS… and prevent him from collecting taxes.

But that day… everything changed.

From there on out, he saw the tax system for what it really was… a powerful set of rules that could actually protect the average American from the IRS… if they knew how to use them.

You see, before Bill came to the IRS, he was a partner in a tax firm. Day in and day out, he slashed taxes for his clients and fought the IRS…

He knew the laws inside out. He thought like a business owner… like a taxpayer.

He understood the taxpayer mind and could cut to the chase when figuring out what they really owed the IRS.

So when he made the jump to the IRS, it made perfect sense for him to look into complaints and review other auditors’ work...

But the work sickened him.

Day after day, he saw taxpayers abused… bullied… and cheated by their own ignorance and fear.

While a handful of entrepreneurs got rich by understanding the system.

After reviewing a tax return where an agent overcharged a Christian Contractor $98,000 and almost cost the contractor and 15 employees their livelihood...

Bill had had enough.

He packed his bags and left the IRS forever.

But he never let go of his ties on the inside.

He never gave up his friends in the IRS or his passion for getting the honest taxpayer back every hard-earned cent they deserved.

And he never stopped helping people beat the IRS.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Bill… I wouldn’t be writing you today.

Hi, my name is


And Bill was my father.

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. I loved being around my dad — everywhere he went, I followed him. Everything he did, I watched.

When he played sports. I played sports. When he read a magazine, I read a magazine. When he sat around talking to his IRS buddies…

I sat around listening. I was like a fly on the wall.

My babysitters worked for the IRS. My parents’ friends worked for the IRS.

It seemed every adult in my life knew something about taxes and the IRS no one else was on to. And that’s when I began to dig a little deeper...

I asked my dad for names and numbers. His best sources inside the IRS.

I called my uncle, a high-ranking federal official. And he dropped a bomb on me — almost absentmindedly — that has the power to change the financial destiny of every taxpaying American in this country.

My uncle revealed an unusual strategy used almost EXCLUSIVELY by IRS agents and the very, very wealthy to build large fortunes and completely VANISH from the IRS.

Today, I’d like to share with you ALL the details on what I’ve learned over the past 25 years.

Secrets, strategies, and loopholes that (literally) took me a lifetime to discover.

Things like…

  • Six Little words that will stop ANY audit cold… even if you’re guilty (It actually works to protect you in other court cases as well. I’ll tell you why in a minute)

  • A tried-and-true system of sorts that taxpayers use to run CIRCLES around the IRS

  • A special “gang” of IRS veterans who can beat the pants off any IRS agent in a tax dispute… and will fight ANY tax battle for you. And guess what? They are PAID FOR by the U.S. government (I’ll show you how to get their contact information at the end)

  • The cellphone secret that cuts through IRS red tape… and lets you speak to a decision-maker

  • Something called the “Christmas Miracle” that lets you wait until December to send any money to the IRS... without penalties, without flagging yourself for an audit, and without taking a single questionable deduction

  • The “Adventure Travel Trick,” and how to use it to save half a million dollars in taxes over your lifetime

  • How a former IRS agent turned $5,000 into $22 million using what he discovered inside other people’s tax returns… this is an incredible story. You don’t want to miss it

  • What to do when an IRS agent is at your door. Hint: It depends on what kind of agent it is… one agent is there to get you on criminal charges, and the other is just a typical agent. The implications are immense. Don’t say a peep to them until you find out what this is. I’ll let you in on all these secrets today.


I’m revealing every single one of these secrets…

More than 97 of the juiciest ones in total…

The best I’ve discovered over the course of my entire life…

And I’ve compiled everything into a special report called Vanishing Point: How to Disappear From the IRS This Tax Season and Save a Boatload of Money in the Process.

I recommend that you DO NOT file your 2014 taxes until you read this report.

With access to it, you could shave $2,000–20,000 off this year’s taxes alone.

And you can see how to grow those savings into $100,000… $200,000… even $500,000 by putting to work compounding interest.

Here’s how to claim your copy…

Your Path to a Better



To grab your free copy of Vanishing Point: How to Disappear From the IRS This Tax Season and Save a Boatload of Money in the Process, all you have to do is agree to try the research in our one-of-a-kind monthly publication called the Laissez Faire Letter.

The term laissez faire is French. It means “let them be.” And that’s exactly how we believe the world should work…

We should be free to enjoy a life well lived. Free to enjoy the money we’ve earned. Free to spend it… save it… or give it away to whomever we choose.

In short, our goal at the Laissez Faire Letter is simple:

We strive to show you how to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life… using 100%-legal strategies to earn more money, receive better health care, and save and grow your wealth.

Our panel of experts include a self-made billionaire, a three-time New York Times best-selling author, one of the world’s leading privacy attorneys, a tax consultant to the world’s most wealthy, an ex-banker to the presidents, a cutting-edge health care expert, and more.

These esteemed men and women have been featured in Forbes, Money magazine, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, the 700 Club, and many more publications…

Each month, they come together to deliver Laissez Faire Letter readers dozens of the most potent, never-before-seen legal loopholes — specifically designed for getting ahead in today’s changing America.

And taxes aren’t the only thing we can help you out with.

With your trial subscription, you’ll learn how to…

  • Grow your wealth outside of Wall Street schemes, using little-known but proven strategies

  • Save thousands on your health care, even during the age of Obamacare

  • Give yourself a “health makeover.” Even if you’re 40, you’ll feel like you’re 20 again. Fit, full of vitality, and in glistening good health

  • Fascinating hacks that make you so much more productive and effective in your life

  • Ways to increase your privacy — both online and at home — so you’re free from the government’s prying eyes…

Here’s something else that our members have found extremely helpful.

See if you find it as fascinating as they have…

Laissez Faire’s Big Book of Free:



Do you ever wish that you could get the “travel agent” price on a cruise? Or had a flight attendant friend that could get you free plane tickets?

I’ve got good news for you.

The information I’m about to reveal to you would normally spread only by word of mouth… and usually to those already “in the know.”

Not anymore.

With Laissez Faire’s Big Book of Free, you’ll “crack the code” on how to get nearly everything you want and need out of life for FREE or for pennies on the dollar… without having to have an inside contact to get it.

For example, you’ll see how to…

  • Sleep like royalty wherever you go — live rent-free in villas and penthouses around the globe.Only the most experienced travelers know of this simple technique — and they’re fighting tooth and nail to keep it from other tourists. See how it can help you save as much as $63,000 in accommodation in the coming years on Page 13

  • Golf FREE for life… and even get paid for it: You can get paid up to $1,000 a week just to play golf. Not only will you get to play with influential people on Big Business’ dime, but you’ll get paid to do it. See Page 122 to learn exactly where to look, who to talk to, and what to say

  • Sail on a 277-foot yacht across the world — without spending a dime. Step out of your cabin each morning and onto the sun-drenched yacht. Spend each evening drinking a cold one and watching the sun sink below the horizon. Everyone from 20-year-old backpackers to 80-year-old retirees can use this little-known program to take remarkable journeys all across the world — all without spending a dime. See Page 19.

  • Get free tickets to your favorite movie theater or a sold-out concert.

  • Sign up on this unusual website and you’ll be able to claim free art, antiques, jewelry, and much more. You often don’t even have to pay for shipping!

  • Drink for free on planes and cruise ships, without buying the expensive all-inclusive deal.

  • Build your own personal library — free. Choose from over 29,500 books and get as many as you want sent straight to your doorstep. This company doesn’t accept payment, and they love to send free books.

  • Get $2,000 a year off prescription drugs. Works best if you’re taking multiple medications.

This is just a snapshot of hundreds of secrets you will discover.

Retire in style… travel the world… take more time off to do what you want… OR simply save up to tens of thousands of dollars each year off your favorite things.

It’s all here tucked inside Laissez Faire’s Big Book of Free.

I promise you’ll never see this book on any bookstore shelf or website.

The secrets revealed in it are, I believe, too controversial for most retailers… and far too dangerous for their profits.

But you’ll get FREE access to this book as soon as you become a member.

And that’s not all you’ll get. When you become a member you’ll also receive 3 FREE Special Reports.

Special BONUS Report:



This special companion report to the Vanishing Point: How to Disappear From the IRS This Tax Season and Save a Boatload of Money in the Process.

whittles down your tax “must dos” into a 30-minutes-a-month activity.

For example, did you know that just one tax slashing secret could save you as much as $18,000 on your taxes this year?

And it takes just 30 minutes a month to use.

That’s a $600 an hour raise when you do the math.

This handy checklist could be your final step in beating the tax system.

Inside you’ll find 10 of the most lucrative tax benefits almost everyone forgets to take, but could wind up paying for your retirement if you make them work for you.

Like your tax savings report, this book is also yours free with a trial subscription to the Laissez Faire Letter.

But maybe you’re wondering if a subscription is right for you?

Here’s a little more about the letter so you can decide for yourself…

Start Living a Healthier,


From health care to privacy…

From tax-free income to retirement “catch up” tricks…

The Laissez Faire Letter has you covered.

We have over 27,400 subscribers, from every state and nearly every city in America.

What are they saying about the Laissez Faire Letter?

Take a look…


So how much is a membership to the Laissez Faire Letter?

It’s not $200.

It’s not $100.

It’s not even $50 per year.

Truth is I think you’ll find it ridiculously cheap.

But before I show you, let’s cover one more thing you’ll receive FREE with your trial subscription…

Why Congress, the White House, and the


Recently, we came across a pretty amazing financial investigation.

It’s about a brand-new type of account that’s been gaining popularity here in America.

And what’s so incredible is how quickly a small deposit in this account can grow into a fortune — even in today’s “pay nothing” interest rate world.

One young man named Kevin Koch, for example, deposited just $27 into this new account. He told reporters about his amazing discovery, saying:

“Every morning, I went online... and saw that the account grew!”

Kevin was absolutely stunned at his good fortune. Four years of growth and almost no effort on his part landed him more than $886,000.

All from his initial deposit of less than 30 bucks.

And here’s the thing...

Kevin didn’t park his money in any risky foreign currency issued by a far-off government or anything like that.

In fact, what Kevin did with his money was unlike anything ever seen in the 35-year history of the Laissez Faire business.

In short, we’ve uncovered a very unusual type of “bank account” that’s sweeping the nation...

It’s estimated that more than 1 million people have opened accounts, in all 50 states and in nearly every city in the country.

Now these Americans are seeing absolutely huge gains on their savings...

Like one gentleman, Jim Kenna, who put the equivalent of just $1,000 into his account and watched it grow to nearly $5 million.

Or Eric Steward, who became an overnight millionaire from an account worth a few dollars when he opened it. Today, it’s worth more than $1.2 million.

“I don’t need the money right now, but it’s nice knowing that I am financially free. It really relieves some pressure from your back,”

—said Eric.

And according to our extensive research study, every $100 parked in this account in over a 12-month period would have turned into more than $8,000.

But what our investigation uncovered also angered us…

We’ve found undeniable evidence that the United States Senate... and members of the Federal Reserve System... are doing everything they can to regulate these accounts.

That’s why it’s not your fault if you don’t know about this new way to save, grow, and protect your money.

But we’ve found that these accounts come with many benefits:

No minimums to open an account (you can get started with as little as $1, if you choose)…

No fees to withdraw your money from this account...

No “lock up” periods — you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw money at any time...

No transaction costs or checking fees of any type…

100% privacy. No one knows the value of your account, what you’re spending your money on, or where the money is stored…


100% security. It’s nearly impossible to hack into your account and steal your money…

100% FREE to open an account, and no pressure to fund one after it’s opened…

And potential protection against inflation, allowing you to stop worrying about the demise of the dollar…

IF you’d like to open an account, we’ve prepared everything you need to know in a third special report. It’s called The Safest and Easiest Ways to Store And Grow Your Money.

Like everything else, it’s yours free with your trial subscription to the Laissez Faire Letter




Here's everything you'll receive with your trial subscription...

  • FREE Gift #1: The Vanishing Point: How to Disappear From the IRS This Tax Season and Save a Boatload of Money in the Process. Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about potentially creating a million-dollar fortune using just tax savings… while vanishing from the IRS

  • BONUS REPORT: The Secret to a Tax-Free Retirement – 97 Checklist Ways to Legally Disappear From the IRS:This special companion report includes 10 of the easiest, most lucrative tax benefits that could end up paying for your retirement… but almost no one is taking advantage of them.

  • FREE Gift #2: Laissez Faire’s Big Book of Free: 127 Ways to Get Everything You Want and Need for FREE — Or for Pennies on the Dollar. With Laissez Faire’s Big Book of Free, you’ll “crack the code” on how to get nearly everything you want and need out of life for FREE or for pennies on the dollar… without having to have an inside contact to get it.

  • FREE Gift #3: The Safest and Easiest Ways to Store and Grow Your Money. Can you turn one dollar into $1,000 if you invest in this “underground banking” system today? Learn the truth in this third special report

  • Yearlong Access (12 Monthly Issues) to the Laissez Faire LetterThis monthly newsletter shows you continued ways to legally lower your tax bill… free alternatives to public education… strategies for a safe and secure retirement… ways to protect your family during a crisis… how to customize your health insurance to fit your exact needs… and more.

Considering that just one of the health care savings tricks could save you $52,000…

And one of the tax savings tricks could save you $2,500.

We could easily justify charging $197 a year or more for the Laissez Faire Letter.

After all, some people pay CPAs thousands of dollars for the tax savings advice alone.

But today, through this special offer…

You will have access to a TEAM OF EXPERTS who specialize in providing solutions for multiple areas of your life… for pennies on the dollar, comparatively.

So what’s fair to you?

$150? $125? $99?

Well, here’s the good news…

You won’t pay anywhere near that price, for two reasons.

First, our costs are divided across thousands of subscribers all over the world.

Second, we have made it our mission to share our ideas on health, wealth, and living a happy life with 100,000 people.

We know that in order to meet our goal, we need to make it as affordable as possible for you to try our research.

That’s why today… through this special offer…

A yearlong trial subscription to the Laissez Faire Letter costs just $49.

Which Path


Think of all the money that’s been slipping through your fingers…

Making it harder for you to grow your nest egg or build the type of life you’ve always wanted.

Well, now you’ve seen that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can easily cut your taxes by thousands of dollars. All it takes is the know-how and as little as 30 minutes every month.

After that, you could have more money to spend on the things you enjoy!

A better car… better vacations... more money in your bank account.

You could have all these things without working one extra minute… without asking your boss for a raise… without scrimping and saving... and without having to return to the workplace.

As I see it, you have three options.

  • OPTION #1:

    You can forget you ever read this letter and continue exposing yourself to high taxes… controlled health care… and pay-nothing savings accounts.

  • OPTION #2:

    You can continue to do your own taxes… rely on the advice of your friends, a conservative accountant, and the media… and hope for the best. (Not much better than your first option.)

  • OPTION #3:

    You can click the “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button below, become part of the Laissez Faire family and immediately begin living a healthier, wealthier, and wiser life.

I’m sure you’ll choose the path that’s right for you. So click the SUBSCRIBE NOW button as soon as possible.

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And here’s one more thing…

All The Risk


It's important to make sure you know your free reports and trial subscription are backed by our 100% BETTER THAN RISK-FREE GUARANTEE.

This means that the Laissez Faire team personally pledges you'll never find research this good — and this rare — anywhere else.

If you decide we’re wrong, you simply canceal anytime during the next year. Even on the very last day, as your last issue rolls in the door.

It's that simple. You don't even need to give us a reason. We’ll issue you a FULL REFUND of your paid subscription, no questions asked.

Naturally, you won't need to send back a thing.

Everything you've already received will be yours to keep, with my compliments.

It's easily among the most comprehensive guarantees ever offered anywhere.

And we’re happy to do it, because we believe this research will change your life for the better. We’re confident you'll come to believe in it too, once you give it a try.

But as the saying goes, the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

So I hope I'll hear from you soon. All you have to do is click the SUBSCRIBE NOW button below.

To a stress-free… tax-slashing season,
Gale Dent
Researcher, The Laissez Faire Letter

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