"The Spanish Army's Secret for Robust Heart Health"

Spain's military doctors used this "secret weapon" to transform their soldiers into a front-line superhuman fighting force.

On this page, discover exactly what it is and
how to get some for yourself...

Picture this:

It’s over 200 years ago…and your knees begin to quake with terror

…As you march the French army into a battlefield, under the command of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte…

Your enemy?

The Spanish forces…

…whose fierce soldiers blast through your ranks as if invincible to fatigue!

Your own troops, on the other hand, begin dropping like flies. Both because of Spain’s ruthless assault…and pure exhaustion and fever from fighting.

Your stomach churns with horror as you realize your side is buckling like balsawood under a stampeding rhinoceros.

The Spaniards attack in unstoppable waves, seemingly without any lull for recovery.

You wonder if they have some secret power, something revitalizing their bodies beyond regular food, drink or rest.

What do you do?

This is no storyline dreamed up for television.

The French army faced this nightmare scenario in 1811 during the Peninsular War.

In a desperate move, they snuck medical corps agents undercover…behind enemy lines. They knew there had to be a secret to the Spanish army’s resilience.

And they found it.

The spies returned with what they discovered

Very quickly, the French began harnessing the power of this “tactical advantage” for themselves.

Their efforts, however, came too late. They were eventually driven out of Spain.

During the war, French Foreign Legion (and medical doctor) Colonel Etiene Pallas witnessed this secret’s strange power.

Its benefits astounded him so much, he wrote about them in both a medical journal article and his own memoirs.

Unfortunately, for almost 200 years mainstream medicine has ignored what Dr. Pallas published between 1827 and 1829.

You’re interested in a natural solution for exhilarating heart health and a robust, younger body...I have exciting news for you:

The secret discovered by these armies still exists today, and modern science is showing its benefits are more profound than the Spaniards or French could have imagined.

In fact…

…it’s been scientifically proven to naturally support healthy blood pressure!

Stick with me, and I’ll show you what it is… and the exact science behind what makes it such a powerful healer.

First, as you probably know, blood pressure is one of the most important (if not THE most important!) indicators of heart health.

If the pressure on your ticker is too great, it could spell disaster for you.

Your doctor has probably warned you about the importance of keeping your blood pressure levels healthy.

He might have even mentioned the study results compiled by the prestigious National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:


I added the emphasis, because these subtle numbers could possibly mean the difference between a long, healthy life and major health worries for you.

And the worst part is...this silent enemy could be creeping up on you right now, and you can’t even feel it:

Your body can limp along for years while your heart, blood vessels, kidneys...and even your brain get affected…

...and you might never feel a thing.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has also published the only noticeable symptom might be a rare headache.

You could be experiencing this...even if your doctor hasn’t warned you

That’s why it’s imperative to keep your blood pressure in the healthy range.

Men and women who don’t can be 200–400% more likely to have another unwanted health issue.

...Even slightly high-normal blood pressure is something you must worry about.

Unless you’re sure you’re at 115/75 and you can keep it that way… might be at risk

Because nobody wants their poor heart overworked and overstrained, keeping your blood pressure at normal levels is essential for health and longevity.

Which is why the "secret weapon" of the Spanish army is so exciting…

Science is showing it has shockingly powerful heart-health, blood sugar, and even anti-aging benefits!

And it couldn’t be found in a more natural place: The humble olive tree.

These trees are known to live for hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of years and are cherished for the delicious olives they provide.

Now you might be thinking this secret is olive oil. And you’re very close!

But it’s not quite the olive oil.

Here’s a little more background on how this all came about:

First, this nutrient was tested on simple animal cells. And something miraculous happened:

When these cells were treated with this secret ingredient, they generated a greater supply of nitric oxide.

Ever heard of it?

Nitric oxide is considered by many scientists to be a stay-young miracle nutrient. The journal Science even named nitric oxide its “Molecule of the Year” for its ability to:

Which is especially exciting considering its blood-flow benefits could help you:

For helping discover nitric oxide’s power, three scientists were awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize.

Armed with this new information, German scientists tested out this secret ingredient's effect on rabbit hearts and found it supported parameters involved in healthy blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow.

Another animal study showed this heart-healthy ingredient helped promote healthier blood pressure levels.

Then came the ultimate challenge:

Could humans get these same miraculous
heart-health benefits?

Scientists at the Department of Internal Medicine in the University of Indonesia were excited by these incredible heart-health results.

So they decided to put this secret ingredient through one of the most robust forms of studies humanly possible:

A double-blind, randomized, parallel and active-controlled human clinical study.

And in just eight weeks, they found this secret ingredient helps improve healthy blood pressure, and even triglyceride levels, in people.

These results were supported by scientists from Switzerland and Germany. They joined forces to perform another experiment, giving this nutrient to half of 40 twins suffering from blood pressure concerns.

In just eight weeks, their blood pressures were much healthier.

What’s especially interesting about this study, is the other half of the sets of twins (who did not receive this nutrient) were given lifestyle-change instructions to improve their blood pressure…

...and they still didn’t improve as much as those who simply took this special ingredient!

A small human study published in Belgium showed promising results, and participants didn’t experience any unpleasant effects either.

So where has this miraculous ingredient been hiding?

Before I reveal the secret, I’d like to take a moment and introduce myself, so you can understand how I was able to figure all this out:

My name’s Nate Rifkin. I’ve been researching and publishing books on health and fitness for over a decade. I’ve also helped formulate groundbreaking nutritional supplements for three companies.

All this time, it’s made my blood boil to witness how innocent people are deceived about their health and used as milk cows for profit. I knew the best way to alert the public and spread this truth far and wide was to join forces with an organization on the same mission: bettering lives through freedom, self-reliance, and action.

That’s how I discovered Laissez Faire . And since we partnered up last year…

I’ve burned the midnight oil almost every night, sifting through scientific studies for “hidden gem” nutrients — those with unique powers to transform your health and vitality for the better, naturally

And one of them has been found hiding within trees known to live for hundreds...or even thousands of years: olive trees.

But not within the olive oil or even the olives themselves.

Instead, this nutrient has been found within the olive leaf.

It’s true. This powerful ingredient comes from one of the most humble, natural sources imaginable: olive leaf extract. Especially the active compound contained within, called oleuropein.

I’m astounded more people don’t know about it. Its health-restoring powers have been hinted as early as Biblical texts:

Genesis 8:11 says:


And Ezekiel 47:12 states this about the olive tree:


The last part is emphasized because this text from the Bible made sure to specify the olive leaf is for healing.

Various cultures, including the ancient Greeks, understood this as well.

As I said before,, when Spain and France waged war from 1808 to 1814, Spanish doctors developed a secret to revitalize their soldiers.

It was a special drink made with olive leaves.

In 1854, the Pharmaceutical Journal published the remarkable success of using olive leaves to improve vitality.

And the exciting part is more modern science is showing olive leaf extract can indeed have healing power over your entire body.

We’ve already covered how it can improve your heart health.

Now, here’s evidence revealing olive leaf extract...

Promotes healthy blood sugar

This was shown in a study on men and women with an average age of 61 who already had an established blood sugar maintenance plan. Adding a simple tablet of olive leaf extract (coupled with a healthy diet) was enough to improve markers of blood sugar health, including fasting insulin.

And in an animal study, it’s also been shown to promote nerve health.

An experiment out of the University of Auckland in New Zealand found olive leaf extract also improved insulin sensitivity in the middle-age, overweight volunteers…without a single change in their diet or lifestyle.

What is insulin?

It’s a powerful, double-edged hormone:

Insulin controls how sugar is used in your body after you eat it.

When you eat sugar, your body has two choices:

  1. Store as fat for future energy
  2. Burn it as fuel for energy right now

If you want to melt your extra fat away...then you definitely want option two.

How do you do that?

Make sure your body is as insulin sensitive as possible.

This is the secret key to burning fat easier and faster

When your muscle cells are not sensitive to insulin, they don’t absorb the glucose (sugar) you eat…so it gets stored as fat instead.

When you are sensitive to insulin, more food gets burned for energy, or stored in your muscles. Barely any is left over for fat (which is also a big reason you see skinny people eat all the delicious desserts they want and never gain a pound...insulin sensitivity is part of their secret luck).

This simple balance is unknown to virtually everyone who struggles and fails to burn fat.

And the science shows olive leaf extract (combined with a healthy diet) may help improve insulin sensitivity, just by taking a daily dose.

“So why haven’t I heard about this before?”

To be blunt, because olive leaf extract is a natural solution…and not a pill Big Pharma can patent. This prevents it from making billions in profits.

And because Big Pharma has vast influence over the medical system, your doctor gets drowned in a swamp of propaganda. As a result, an otherwise-amazing ingredient like olive leaf extract slips through the cracks.

Which is a shame because its potential health benefits don’t end there…

In fact, groundbreaking studies are showing this natural ingredient may be…

A near-magic potion for a youthful brain and belly

First, the “young belly” evidence:

Scientists put mice on a fattening diet and also supplemented some with olive leaf extract. After eight weeks, those lucky mice actually gained less weight...and the scientists discovered the amazing reason why:

The olive leaf extract...quite simply...
shut off fat-producing genes!

Another animal study showed olive leaf extract might also improve digestion and soothe away discomfort in the gut.

As for the brain…

Scientists gave rats water that contained olive leaf extract for two weeks and found it helped protect them from environmental toxins, keeping their brain cells alive and well.

In another experiment, rats were supplemented with olive leaf extract in water for six months and then had their brains examined. Compared to the control group (which just received water), the rats who received olive leaf extract:

So how is this simple, natural nutrient able to provide these amazing health benefits?

Perhaps it’s because...

Olive leaf extractmay be one of the most surprisingly powerful antioxidants of all time

Have you heard of the “free radical theory of aging?”

It states that (barring an accident or serious illness) your aging is caused by electrons getting ripped out of the molecules within your cells. This is called oxidative damage.

Versions of this oxidative damage are happening all around us, all the time. If you’ve ever bitten into an apple, put it down for a while, and saw the inner parts begin to turn brown and mushy...that’s oxidative damage.

Same with a car’s exterior rusting out.

This same oxidative damage is going on inside your body constantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And this is a major reason why fruits and vegetables are so good for you: They’re rich in antioxidants to block this damage.

Remember how I said oxidative damage is the process of electrons getting ripped out of the molecules of your cells?

Antioxidants act like bodyguards who dive in front of you to “take the bullet”

They generously donate their own electrons so yours are spared.

Which is why sprinkling some lemon juice on apple slices keeps them from turning brown. Lemon juice contains a powerful antioxidant: vitamin C.

For years now, scientists have tested the “antioxidant potential” of all kinds of nutrients, hoping they could find the best “bodyguards” to help keep our bodies feeling and functioning like we did when we were younger.

Olive leaf extract was one of these nutrients. They used a test called “TEAC.” This stands for Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity, and the test measures how well a substance blocks the oxidation caused by a free radical.

They pitted olive leaf against two other powerful antioxidants: vitamins C and E.

And the result?


Olive leaf extract proved
better than both by 29% and 30%!

How did it outperform these two superstar vitamins?

It might be because olive leaf extract actually contains fourteen different antioxidant components. And while all of them are certainly strong on their own, olive leaf extract as a whole tested a full 30% higher on the TEAC scale than the average of all fourteen antioxidant compounds within.


This is more evidence our bodies are meant to consume nutrients in a synergistic way. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Like I’ve said before:

Mother Nature “knows best,” and she certainly knew what she was doing when she created the olive leaf

Now, as exciting as these results are...they’re only measuring the antioxidant potential of these compounds in a test tube. But when it comes to your health, you want to know what the antioxidant effect is on real, living things.

In a 2014 study on rats, a trusted measure of antioxidant activity more than doubled in the animals given olive leaf extract. A medical school in Athens, Greece, also measured positive results in rabbits, finding a decrease of oxidation markers in the blood.

But those are just animals. What about humans?

A 2014 study out of Murcia, Spain, shows a high-potency olive leaf extract has amazing antioxidant activity for humans and reduces oxidative stress.

It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how powerful this natural extract really is. Which is why, after personally researching all the studies on olive leaf extract, I’ve gotten a supply for myself and I take it every single day.

And while it hasn’t been specifically tested in a clinical study, some people report olive leaf extract gives them…

...a dose of energy

Which is why olive leaf extract might be the perfect addition for anyone frustrated with fatigue ruining their day.

Because of all the ways this amazing nutrient can change your body for the better, getting a supply for yourself may be one of the smartest health decisions you make this entire year

But is it even available?

Keep in mind, these miraculous health properties were discovered using olive leaf extract, not the olives themselves. Yes, olive oil is tremendously healthy. And olives are great to eat. But here’s something you need to know about them:

In order to taste good, olives must be cured first.

This curing process removes the bitter flavor, which comes from oleuropein...which you might remember is the main active ingredient in olive leaf extract.

Because of the curing process, it’s almost impossible to get beneficial levels of this nutrient through your normal diet. To experience any one of the amazing benefits detailed on this must have a properly formulated extract.

So, let’s quickly summarize:

This amazing olive leaf extract helps you…

Now, I’ve got wonderful news:

I’ve just secured a source for this powerful olive leaf extract. It’s non-GMO, and the special extract has been infused into a convenient capsule, so you can enjoy the health benefits from the comfort of your own home in just 30 seconds a day.

We call this new formula VitaOlive, which delivers a full 1,000 mg of olive leaf extract in every dose. You can jump to the bottom of this page and click the link to get your supply, or you can discover what else we’re going to give you, if you act fast:


When you receive your supply of VitaOlive, rest assured that we’re going to go above and beyond to make sure you attain the strong, vital heart health and younger-functioning body you deserve.

When we formed Laissez Faire’s Living Well, we made a promise to deliver you more than just high-quality, natural formulas. We also vowed to deliver the best information to empower your health so you can truly “live well.”

In this spirit, when you reserve your supply of VitaOlive today, you’ll have the opportunity to get these three bonus guides, tucked in your box along with your fresh bottles of VitaOlive:


Bonus Guide #1: The Killer Truth About Cholesterol

You might notice on this page, I haven’t even mentioned cholesterol until now.

There’s a good reason why:


Science and gumshoe investigative journalism is showing the government and Big Pharma’s multi-decade assault on cholesterol has made our nation’s heart health even worse.

If you are at all concerned about your own heart health, or that of your loved ones, you need this guide. It reveals the whole story on cholesterol and why you might not have to fear eating it at all.

Armed with this up-to-date information, all your confusion regarding cholesterol-rich foods and heart health will melt away.

Based on the time, effort, and research involved in creating this guide, we believe it has a real-world value of at least $19.95. However, we’re including a FREE copy with every single shipment of VitaOlive because this information could be life-saving for you.

Here’s another way you can help strengthen your heart…

Bonus Guide #2: The Truth About Salt and Blood Pressure

For decades, the government has warned us to lower our salt intake and avoid salty foods. Since then, just about everyone has taken for granted that science shows more salt leads to more heart problems…

...but is this true?


The real story is much more complicated — and you must hear what you haven’t been told. Your heart could be ticking time bomb, simply because the information you’ve gotten about salt is dead wrong.

Fascinating research into a tribe living on the islands of the Panamanian Caribbean has thrown all our supposed "salt science" on its head:

These island dwellers were studied for their miraculously healthy hearts. In fact, when scientists measured their blood pressure, only two people barely even came up to the range of "sort-of-almost-high." They also maintained healthy, thin bodies well into old age.

But here's the kicker: These men and women maintained picture-perfect hearts...even when they ate a hefty amount of salt!

This is not an isolated case. In fact, more recent studies are showing low salt intake (including amounts recommended by the government) is actually associated with a higher risk of death. And yet, some studies show salt actually does lower blood pressure.


So how much salt should you really be eating? This guide (value: $19.95) will give you the truth, and you can get it free with VitaOlive.

Bonus Guide #3: The Popular Fitness Fad That Might Kill Your Heart

According to a scary study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, elite performers of this particular form of exercise have “...significantly higher calcified plaque volume...” than couch potatoes!

If you’ve been pushing yourself to exercise more because you’re worried about your heart, you might be stumbling into a deathtrap.

Before you commit to any kind of fitness routine for the sake of your heart, read every word of this guide. It might just save you years of struggle, thinking you’re working towards a healthy heart when you’re really just digging an early grave.

Click the button below to reserve your supply of VitaOlive today and discover how to get all three bonus guides absolutely free!

The bottom line is unless you do something, your heart isn’t going to get any better.

As you now know, blood pressure is the silent enemy of heart health...and it’s absolutely crucial to keep it in the normal range.

You’ve discovered the human studies showing olive leaf extract helps promote healthy blood pressure in people with a simple daily dose.

You’ve read about the exciting research hinting at olive leaf extract ’s profound antioxidant health benefits, which go way beyond your heart.

And you now see how you can get this superstar ingredient in a natural, convenient daily capsule, along with three free bonus guides (valued at a combined $58.85).

More than that, our special olive leaf extract is standardized to contain a full 15% oleurpein, the magic compound in the formula. It’s also 100% GMO-free, and every batch is tested to ensure it meets FDA gluten-free requirements. The olive leaves themselves are harvested in Europe and encapsulated in a USA GMP-compliant facility.

But that’s not all.

In order to ensure this formula delivers to you everything we promise, we had it tested by an independent laboratory, to confirm the oleurpein content. In other words, to ensure the active ingredient in the olive leaf extract is there to work its magic in your system.

Here’s the actual document they sent us, showing VitaOlive passed with flying colors:

PROOF VitaOlive contains
the olive leaf extract you need


Has any other nutritional supplement company shown you proof like this? Chances are they haven’t, and the reason why is simple:

They haven’t actually bothered to do the testing. Who knows how empty their pills really are, or what other nasty stuff is lurking in them.

But with us, you can be sure you’re getting the best.

So now you’re faced with a choice:

You can continue along the same path, leaving your health to chance.

Or you can make the right decision and try out VitaOlive. For less than the cost of a simple bottle of water a day, this powerful ingredient can start working its magic and revitalizing your heart from the inside out.

I’m not asking you to commit to anything. You can get started with as little as a 30-day supply. And you have a full 60 days to feel satisfied with the results. If, at any time, you’re less than thrilled with VitaOlive, simply let us know and we will give you every penny back (less shipping).

Take advantage of this natural formula NOW.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get your risk-free supply of VitaOlive today.


Nate Rifkin

Laissez Faire Underground Health Researcher

P.S. Remember, olive leaf extract could be the exact heart-health miracle you need to rest easy at night, knowing your heart is as strong and vital as ever. It’s been shown specifically to promote healthy blood pressure, the absolute most important heart-health marker known to man.

P.P.S. And as other studies have hinted at, olive leaf extract ’s benefits may just go way beyond heart health for you. It could be the “bodyguard” that keeps your cells youthful and healthy and your body energized. Get started with this powerhouse nutrient now.

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