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Christians - not scientists - have discovered what could cure diabetes?


Can "Daniel's Diabetic Miracle"
Naturally Heal Diabetes In as
Little as 3 Days?


“The Perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss” —Dr. Andre Eenfeldt MD

Dear Reader,

About six months ago a researcher of mine came to me with a bizarre rumor…

He showed me an alternative treatment that was taking the diabetes world by storm …

A radical new approach (inspired by page 1117 of the King James Bible) that enables you to cure type 2 diabetes without any of the traditional methods.

And although the ancient prophets don’t mention diabetes specifically, this cure hiding in the Bible requires:

Even more shocking…

This researcher showed me story after story of everyday Americans using this secret to return their blood sugar back to healthy levels…

And effectively begin to cure themselves of type 2 diabetes in as few as 3 days…with a reported success rate of nearly 100% when done correctly.

Just listen:

Mary H from Toronto, Canada, in less than a year, completely transformed her health with this biblically inspired treatment.


After a lifetime of failed diets and diabetes complications, she turned to “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle" with her doc to lose over 65 pounds cut 6 inches off her waist and get completely off her type 2 diabetes medications!

Ryan W from San Diego


He had been ravaged by diabetes for years. His complications included foot ulcers, eye sight damage and even nerve problems.

In desperation he turned to “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” and working with his Doc, the results were nothing short of miraculous…

In under a year Ryan completely changed his life…lost 74 pounds and is now totally off all his meds!

Or meet Sean C.--


After being completely written off the by medical community – Sean used “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” to not only lose 50 pounds…

But to heal a whole host of other ailments.

He wrote,

"I went back to my doctor. After bloodwork, he babbled like a child with a new toy. He was beside himself with astonishment: "It worked!"

Now just so we are clear and there’s no confusion— this breakthrough has nothing to do with:

Instead proponents say this biblically inspired treatment--hidden in the 10th chapter of Daniel--represents a quantum leap in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

Not a new treatment mind you…but an actual cure!

A Miracle so powerful it regularly takes people who are 50, 100 or even 150 pounds overweight and normalizes their blood sugar in a shockingly short amount of time.

Now if this sounds hard to believe…I get it.

Type 2 diabetes, after all is supposed to be incurable.

Doctors will tell you it’s a “chronic and progressive disease” whose symptoms can only hope to be managed.

Medical science has spent billions of dollars trying to cure this devastating condition but has come up with ZERO long term solutions.

In fact, a person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes today is no better off than a patient almost 100 years ago.

So how in the world could there be a cure for this treatment buried in ancient scripture written over 2,500 years ago?

And, if this biblical treatment is so effective, why you haven’t you heard of it?

Well, that’s what my team and I have spent the last 6 months investigating…and the results we’ve come to are shocking.

In fact, in the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you exactly what we’ve found in our research and the incredible implications it has for your family.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this could be the most important presentation you ever see.

My name, by the way,
is Brad Lemley…

And to be frank, I came into this project incredibly skeptical.

You see, I’m a science journalist. A writer trained to objectively look at and interpret data...regardless of the source.

And right now, thanks to research at places like Yale University, University of Southern California, and Salk Research Institute...

We could be looking at an ancient treatment for diabetes so powerful it dwarfs anything Big Pharma or the medical establishment has ever created.

You are about to discover some shocking facts about the Bible you never thought possible…

Facts that show the future of diabetes treatment may not be in drugs or surgeries but rather could be hidden in the Old Testament written over 2,500 years ago.

Now let me say upfront, I’m no biblical scholar or scriptural expert.

I don’t usually talk about religion in public.

But the data we’ve uncovered is so astonishing, so revolutionary…

What we are calling “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” could be the breakthrough many have been waiting for.

A natural cure that requires no painful injections, expensive pills, or even supplements to take.

Imagine…Enjoying a fat juicy steak, large beer or even a decadent piece of cheese completely guilt free.

Imagine…Living a life free from painful injections, expensive pills, and annoying (and expensive) blood sugar tests.

And imagine…Being free to live a life without obsessing over your blood sugar …all while knowing your health could be protected by one of the most powerful natural health principles known to man.

Here’s the full story…

Bible Turning almost 100 years of
Diabetic Dogma on its Head?

The first thing you need to know is this:

Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle is no quack science.

In fact, entire medical clinics are popping up all over the world dedicated to using this principle to naturally defeat this 21st century plague.

Places like the Buchinger Clinic in Germany,


The Goldberg Clinic in Kennesaw, Georgia


And TrueNorth Health Center in Toronto, Canada


These medical clinics have discovered that by using biblically inspired principles many people are naturally healing themselves from type 2 diabetes.

Take Michael Mosley MD.

Being a doctor, Mike had nearly every drug at his disposal…

But after being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes… this Doctor used “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” to completely heal himself.

In a remarkably short period of time he dropped 20 pounds of fat, decreased his cholesterol and completely cured his type 2 diabetes.

He said,

"I’m not a religious person but I do believe that the world’s religions have a lot to teach us. [Daniel's Diabetic Miracle] is the first thing I’ve come across that I genuinely believe if everyone took up it could radically transform the nation’s health.”

In a moment I’ll show you just what makes “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” so powerful.

And although diabetes is never mentioned in the Bible…

By simply following one of the Lords commandants…

It looks like people from across the globe are quickly, easily and most importantly naturally overcoming this silent killer…

Put simply – Science may have discovered a fact Christians have known for years.

That treating diabetes is not about painful injections or expensive pills…

Rather it’s about harnessing the healing power created since the birth of mankind…and following simple guidelines laid out in “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle”.


We now have more than 600 studies and articles looking at health properties of this amazing Miracle -- and the data is shocking.

If you want to naturally heal yourself of type 2 diabetes… or reverse the dangerous onset of pre-diabetes… then what you’re about to discover offers one of the best treatments yet.

But it’s not just me saying it…

This breakthrough has prompted some very serious people to make some very serious claims…

Andre Eenfeldt MD called, [Daniel's Diabetic Miracle],

“The Perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss.”

Chang MD a UCLA trained nephrologist said it’s,

“The most efficient way to bring down your insulin…it’s perfect, its exactly what we want to do…it allows you to burn fat, preserve your muscle and you’ve got plenty of energy…it’s the perfect treatment”

Michael Mosley MD said,

“ This is the beginning of something I think could be huge…if it takes off and heads off in the direction I imagine it will… this could be genuinely revolutionary”

Put simply -- if you or a family member has ever suffered from diabetes this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

But how does it actually work?

“[Daniel's Diabetic Miracle] alone is more
powerful in preventing and reversing
some diseases than drugs…”

--Satchidananda Panda, PhD

To explain why the secret behind "Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle" works so well, I first need to explain how diabetes wreaks havoc on your body...

When you eat sugar or other carbohydrates that your body converts to sugar, your body produces a hormone called insulin.

Insulin is responsible for shunting sugar into your muscles so it can be burned as energy.

But because we bombard our bodies with hidden sugars... many times our bodies become insulin resistant.

So instead of shunting the sugar into our muscles to be burned as energy, our muscles resist...

And instead the sugar gets stored as fat.

Here's why insulin resistance is even more dangerous to your health than you imagine:

The more insulin resistant you become, the more your body in effect panics and produces moreinsulin.

Over time it produces a downward spiral of more insulin... more insulin resistance... more fat... and eventually leads to catastrophic conditions like:

But here’s the thing… it doesn’t have to be this way.

Enter the secret of “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle”.

Instead of just masking symptoms of excess sugar like typical medications, “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” gets to the root of the problem. It forces your body to burn off extra sugar and breaks that deadly insulin-sugar loop.

Thanks to a unique process called intermittent hypocaloric feeding, “Daniel's Diabetic Miracle” literally rewrites your physiology…

As Jason Chung MD explained,

"As opposed to just getting it out of the blood, [Daniel's Diabetic Miracle] gets it out of the entire body. [It] does both things it lowers the insulin and it lowers the sugars."

And that’s exactly what we want.

When you can burn up the extra sugar and cut your insulin amazing things start to happen…

Blood sugar stabilizes, cells heal themselves, circulation improves, and body fat drops off.

That’s exactly how people like Mary, Ryan, Sean and likely thousands of others have healed this so-called “chronic and progressive” condition.

This treatment is revolutionizing the diabetic industry.

“Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle’ Can Begin to
Work in as Little as 3 days!”

But for all of its benefits, what really has the medical community floored is just how fast this Miracle can work.

This little known treatment has been shown to clear up even the nastiest diabetic conditions…beginning in just a few days!

Just look at the story of CEO Donald W…


Several years ago his health was horrible. He was drastically overweight and had been diagnosed with a whole host of conditions including type 2 diabetes.

But after just 3 days on this Miracle he was completely off his oral meds!

Under the supervision of his doctor… Donald lost 27 pounds in 29 days.

And after a full 78 days on the Miracle he’d lost close to 50 pounds, dropped his blood pressure, reduced his blood sugar level and was completely off all his diabetes medication.

Now of course you should always consult with your doctor, but are you starting to see how this could help in your life?

Flat out--This Miracle works regardless of your weight, age, if you exercise, or if you’ve had diabetes for over 10 years.

Is it any wonder that experts like Dr. Whitaker MD tells everyone that they can…

“Reverse Diabetes with [Daniel's
Diabetic Miracle]"

But here’s the thing…

By now you are probably wondering with a treatment this powerful, why isn’t this promoted by the medical establishment or blasted from every news outlet?

Well, there’s a very good reason for this…

When you consider Americans spend over $245 billion a year on treatment… it’s no surprise Big Pharma and the medical industry are in no hurry to publicize this Miracle.

And the truth is, as health researcher Mike Adams wrote regarding type 2 diabetes:

“Diabetes is nearly 100% preventable. You won't hear this from mainstream medicine -- which ridiculously claims there is no cure for diabetes -- because treating diabetics is just too darned profitable. Big Pharma is drooling over the profit potential of seeing one-third of Americans becoming diabetic by 2050. It will mean hundreds of billions of dollars in annual profits.”

In other words, if this cure ever goes mainstream entire industries could crumble.

And Big Pharma knows it.

You see, the medical industry's dirty little secret is they get paid by patenting expensive drugs and treating patients…not by curing them.

And since “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” is FREE and cannot be patented… it is VERY unlikely you’ll ever see this treatment pushed by the mainstream medical establishment.

And that’s a shame.

When you consider half of all American adults suffer from one form of diabetes…this life saving Miracle could prevent so much needless suffering.

Scientifically speaking, this cure is irrefutable.

World famous physician Joseph Mercola has had considerable experience with this Miracle and went on record as saying,

“I don’t think I’ve encountered anyone with [Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle] that I’ve recommended it to and really been disciplined about it that it didn’t work. The failure rate is close to zero."

Imagine that?

A simple natural biblically inspired treatment that is

What other treatment offers you this kind of assurance?

Now of course, you should always consult with your physician.

But keep in mind…protection from type 2 diabetes is just the beginning…

“Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” has been proven incredibly effective at preventing (and even treating) a whole host of diseases including:

In fact, in one animal study it was been shown to increase life span by 83%…translated into human years and we are talking about several decades of extra vibrant healthy life!

Think of “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” as the…

Ultimate Health
Insurance Policy

This Miracle has been shown to protect you no matter what you eat!

Best yet, “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” is FREE!

You don’t need a prescription.

Is it easy? I won’t kid you, it does take some discipline. But good health never comes without commitment.

If I didn’t think this was well within the capacity of a motivated person, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I guarantee that doing what’s required by “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” is much easier than living with a chronic, destructive disease.

Bottom line -- If you or a loved one is at risk or currently suffering from diabetes… there are natural, painless, and FREE tools that can help.

That’s why I’ve put together my ultimate program on how to use “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle.”

This program is called, “The Biblical Cure: Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle.”


And it contains all of my little known strategies on naturally curing diabetes (more on that in a moment.)

That’s why, with your permission, I’d like to mail you a free copy of this program directly to your doorstep.

Immediately when you receive your copy, I want you to open to page 7 and read about the amazing benefits of “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle”.

I’m talking about completely revamping your health with a simple, natural and safe treatment.

You'll find all you need to know the detailed instructions on how to take advantage this simple Miracle.

After that you could watch your diabetes disappear in a shockingly short amount of time.

Everything you need to know is included in your copy of “The Biblical Cure: Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle.”

I’ll show you how to get a FREE copy in a minute, but first let me share a little bit more about who I am… and why I’m writing you today.

As I mentioned earlier, my name
is Brad Lemley.

I’m the chief health officer of Natural Health Solutions. It’s one of the largest publications of independent health advice out there. Each month I reach over 120,000 readers.

I began my health researching career over 20 years ago…In that time my work has been featured in the Washington Post, Discover Magazine, Psychology Today, Parade, Readers’ Digest, Life and man other national publications.


In short, this insider’s access has given me a back stage pass to the cutting edge world of medical research.

I’ve seen firsthand many of the incredible studies going on and how many so-called “incurable conditions” can be easily prevented or even cured.

I’ve also seen the sinister partnerships between BIG Pharma and BIG government. And how lobbyists can drive policy… no matter if it’s good for your health or not.

And that’s what drove me crazy…

Many times the best treatments and lifesaving Miracles never make it out to the general public… to the people who need them the most.

And this lack of real world information sent me on a quest to take what I’ve learned in the research lab and present it to the general public.

And I can honestly say, for all my interviews articles and books…by far the most gratifying aspect of my job is showing everyday readers simple natural cures that can drastically improve their health.

Here’s what a few people have said:

“I have lost 30 pounds, from 195 to 165, in three months, mostly due to a change in eating habits - Not only lost weight, but reduced blood pressure and bad cholesterol and eliminated acid reflux, and no longer on prescription drugs for those prior issues! I enjoy your articles, keep them coming!”

Ben N. Harper Woods, MI

“Kudos Brad! I have waited a long time for someone else to put the puzzle pieces together. Keep up the good work!”

--Jason Stevens

“At 82 years old by changing my diet I went from 193 down to 160 in just 6 months!”

--Frank F. Sandusky, OH

“At 67, I’m in the best shape of my life. I still drink a couple of beers a month and wine with the meal and of course I love my bacon and egg breakfast. I’m still a work in progress but it is fun. The big plus is that I am not on any prescription meds and have excellent blood work. Doctor said last week, the best he has seen in 12 years.”

--Stan M. St. Louis, MO

Now listen, I’m not telling you all this to brag but to show you that it’s possible to use safe, simple, and natural techniques to prevent and even cure some of mankind’s most debilitating conditions.

And diabetes is just the beginning…

I’ve also taken aim at some of the biggest and most damaging diseases.


I’m showing everyday people how they can prevent and even fight things like heart disease, arthritis, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease.

I’m holding nothing back…

The medical establishment has us convinced the only way to beat these conditions is by taking nasty drugs or paying for expensive surgeries.

What a lie!

The truth is…many so-called “incurable conditions” can be prevented or quite easily managed…by simply using safe and natural cures.

So along with your FREE copy of “The Biblical Cure: Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle,” there’s more I want to send your way…

Follow the steps I’ll show you in a moment…

And I’ll send you a copy of my latest book, for FREE.

It’s called, The Little Bible of 77 Censored Cures.

Inside this groundbreaking book you’ll find simple solutions to some of mankind’s nastiest diseases.

For instance…

By claiming your FREE copy of this book, you’ll have, at a moment’s notice… cures and remedies that could empower you to live a life free of popping pills.

For pennies on the dollar compared to what you’re spending for medical costs… you could revitalize and feel younger and be more active again.

You don’t have to completely surrender your lifestyle to the pharmacy and doctor’s offices.

Without a doubt, you could reclaim your best years yet.

Take up new hobbies. Visit with family and go on vacations and fun outings.

Restart your career, start a business, fall in love again.

This book gives you the tools to reclaim your health and well-being.

It gives you peace of mind by putting all the answers at your fingertips.

Imagine…feasting on beef and steak fajitas all the while knowing you are smashing cancer into oblivion. A nutrient found in some meats unlocks anti-cancer effects by decreasing oxidative stress in cancer patients. Another lab study shows it could “turn off” lung-cancer cells

Imagine… eating like a frat boy and protecting your prostate at the same time. University of Maryland research suggests a nutrient found in certain so-called “junk foods” actually supercharges your prostate’s health and helps shield it from cancer.

Or just picture… chowing down on baby back ribs while at the same time cutting your risk of a cancerous tumor by 50%! This “baby back secret” has also been shown to prevent and inhibit the growth of pancreatic, colon, breast, cervical, brain, oral and even liver cancer.

Do you see how valuable this could be?

The Little Bible of 77 Censored Cures gives you the knowledge and the skills to avoid and even heal some very serious health conditions.

And the best part is…all these remedies are 100% natural, cheap, and readily available in nature.

Think of this guide as the best form of health insurance you can own.

And that’s something we can’t put a price tag on. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Little Bible of 77 Censored Health Cures is yours at no charge. Just tell me where to ship it.

Now, earlier I mentioned there’s a catch. And there are actually two:

First, I have just 403 copies of Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle and The Little Bible of 77 Censored Cures to give away today.

When they’re gone… they’re gone. Maybe for good.

But there’s a second catch, too. So let’s cover that right now…

Here’s How to Claim
Your FREE Stuff

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This revolutionary health letter is your uncensored guide to breaking free from the tyranny of Big Pharma and the medical establishment.

In just a few minutes you’ll have dozens of simple solutions that could literally save your life.

Can you picture the peace you’ll feel knowing you have the answers to some of medicines most deadly diseases?

You’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing you’ve got the information you need to help you survive and thrive and feel 20 years younger.

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-- "I have just subscribed to your "Natural Health Solutions" newsletter and admire your recommendations."

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And here’s a different way to think of it…

More than 29 million Americans are suffering from the terrible side effects of Diabetes at this very moment…

They’re pricking themselves with expensive glucose meters and insulin injections every single day.

One in four people who have diabetes don’t even know it...

And further, another one in three U.S. adults is pre-diabetic…

So ask yourself…

What’s the COST of NOT acting today?

Well, I’ll show you with a quick story…

Jackie Kelly’s heartbreaking tale was profiled by the Daily Mail UK’s site…

She went from being a seemingly healthy mother… to a triple amputee… having undergone surgeries to remove both her legs and an arm.

See, Jackie’s diabetes went unchecked for years.

Now she faces losing her last limb in the near future.

That’s the cost of not acting.

Again, I want you to ask yourself…

Will you ignore this message, and continue to put yourself… your family… your future… at risk?

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Welcome aboard…



Brad Lemley
Chief Health Officer, Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions

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