Could This Cure Alzheimer’s Disease?


Shocking new research reveals a little-known treatment that could have changed President Reagan’s life…

Despite his previous habit of smoking, numerous head injuries, and genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s…

Groundbreaking new research from places like University of Pittsburgh
and The National Center for Biotechnology Information reveals a surprising
treatment and hope for any American with Alzheimer’s.

Dear Reader,

On November 5, 1994, President Reagan wrote his last heartbreaking official letter to the public…

In just 339 words he professed his love for Nancy, his faith in America, and publicly revealed for the first time he’d developed Alzheimer’s disease.

But what Reagan and his doctors didn’t know was that just 100 milesfrom his Santa Barbara ranch, a small team of scientists were on the cusp of discovering a simple protocol that could have saved his life.

An almost miraculous treatment that scientists found not only the stops the progression of Alzheimer’s disease…but actually reverses it…even in some of the most advanced cases!

This could be the medical breakthrough of the century!

The editor-and-chief of Live in the Now newsletter called it a “…brain health miracle,” and world-famous physician Dr. Mark Smith calls it “miraculous!”

Thanks to a treatment I’m calling “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol,” scientists and researchers are rethinking what’s possible with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you or a family member has ever worried about Alzheimer’s, then the next 6 minutes and 12 seconds could change your life.

You’re about to hear from numerous families who've used “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” to literally flush Alzheimer’s plaques out of their loved ones’ bodies.

Like the 84-year-old woman who went from complete delusion and irritability while burdening staffers in her nursing home to living totally peaceful, sane and serene with her family!

Or the 83-year-old woman who went from not recognizing her family and friends to laughing, joking and returning to many of her old passions…

And it all started just 12 weeks after discovering “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol”!

Or how about the entire Far East village that’s rendered Alzheimer’s disease completely non-existent…all by using 100% natural secrets like “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol.”

You’ll also hear why this protocol has proven clinically effective—while other traditional treatments like cholinesterase inhibitors have shown to be essentially worthless.

It’s amazing--despite costing less than $10 and having virtually zero side effects, this little known treatment has proven incredibly effective!

And although this research came too late for Nancy to use, and she hasn’t personally endorsed this…

Had she known about this protocol, it could have revolutionized Reagan’s life.

Take a look what happened to Linda, during a groundbreaking study on Alzheimer’s by The National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Case study #1:
Linda’s Alzheimer’s Symptoms Reversed

According to the traditional medical establishment, Linda, an 83-year-old woman, had no hope.

Her mental function was so impaired she could no longer cook, clean, or use the bathroom without help.

Even worse, she could no longer remember her late husband or her family members.

She was sadly lost to the world.

But after just 12 weeks using “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol”…her symptoms dramatically improved!

Researchers were stunned.

As they reported:

“…her agitation, apathy, anxiety and irritability were all relieved. She began to tell about the need to urinate. Furthermore, she came to join in the laughter watching the TV comedy program, began to sing songs and do knitting, which she used to do.”

It was like she had woken up and became herself again.

She started engaging in old activities she had always loved.

But here’s the thing… that was just after 12 weeks.

After one full year on the treatment, they reported:

“She came to recognize her family and remember
her late husband. She now lives at home
without significant (symptoms)!”

Imagine that…watching a loved one completely lost and living in a nursing home suddenly recognizing friends and family and enjoying life again.

This is supposed to be impossible.

Ask any mainstream medical professional and they’ll tell you that Alzheimer’s is unstoppable…

But here it is—published in a respected international journal—showing you can not only stop the sad progression of the disease…but you can actually reverse it!

So how exactly does “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” work wonders?

Science has discovered that by simply applying a certain natural herb—the herb behind “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol”—many so-called “terminal cases” of Alzheimer’s disease can be miraculously healed!

I’ll show you the details in a moment.

First, here’s another case study reported by the NCIB

Case study #2:
Suzanne’s Alzheimer’s Symptoms Reversed

Suzanne, an 84-year-old female was presented at the hospital with significant memory loss, disorientation, hallucinations, delusion, and incontinence.

Researchers reported her cognitive decline was “very severe.” She scored the lowest possible on a test of cognitive function.

Doctors had tried all the traditional treatments with very little success.

And it wasn’t until they tried “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” that things began to change.

After just 12 weeks of treatment her test scores improved.

Her anxiety decreased. Her cognitive function skyrocketed.

She now recognized family from staff members and she stopped urinating outside the front door.

After a full year on the protocol...she moved out of the hospital and now lives quietly at home with her family.

Think about that…

A patient so debilitated by Alzheimer’s she scored the lowest possible cognitive mark now lives peacefully at home with her family.

All thanks to “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol.”

And the best part is this treatment is:

Science has finally “cracked the code” and given doctors the most powerful tool ever created to fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

A treatment so potent it threatens to end one of the most devastating diseases of our time.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia…this will be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

But don’t take my word for it…

Just look at another case study published in the NCIB

Case Study #3:
Sam W.’s Alzheimer’s Symptoms Reversed

A 79-year-old male was presented at the hospital by his wife.

She reported her husband had suffered severe memory loss and he’d lost his will to live.

Once an avid painter, Sam had given up his hobby and was content to sit and do nothing.

For over 3 years doctors tried traditional medical interventions, but nothing worked.

A brain MRI showed typical Alzheimer’s disease damage and brain atrophy.

But amazingly after using “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” for just 12 weeks, all of his symptoms improved.

As researchers noted, especially in the areas of “…agitation, irritability, and depression.”

But just like all the others this was just the beginning…after one full year on the treatment he now lives quietly at home with his family.

Remember this almost miraculous treatment had very little to do with conventional treatment or medications.

And although Western science is just now catching on to this…it’s not new.

Case Study #4:
Far East Village’s Alzheimer’s Non-Existent

In fact, for centuries villages throughout the Far East have used what I’m calling “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” to inadvertently ward off dementia and a whole host of neurologic diseases.

In many of these places Alzheimer’s disease is all but non-existent.

Recently researchers from the University of Pittsburgh traveled to one of these villages to investigate this phenomenon and were blown away by their findings.

As the BBC reported, after several years of testing and examining over 5,000 people:

“They found what appeared to be amongst the lowest rates of the condition (Alzheimer’s disease) ever
recorded by scientists.”

It’s amazing…

By using simple lifestyle solutions, including “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol,” these tribal people have prevented what’s been called an “unstoppable epidemic.”

Keep in mind too—this happened in one of the poorest countries on Earth…with limited access to traditional health care, sanitation, or even clean water!

Just imagine what a treatment like this could do when combined with modern science and Western sanitation.

It could rewrite everything we think we know about Alzheimer’s disease…

Restoring the gift of life…and happy living…to our friends, our families, and our neighbors.

But this is just the beginning…we are on the brink of a new era in Alzheimer’s disease treatment…one where expensive and useless medications are replaced by safe, affordable, and EFFECTIVE treatments!

We now have close to 3,200 studies investigating the health properties of “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” and the verdict is in…

If you want to avoid or even treat Alzheimer’s disease, then “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” is the most promising treatment ever discovered.

By now, you’re probably wondering…

How does “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” work?

Well, to understand how “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” works you have to know a little about the disease.

At its core Alzheimer’s is about inflammation.

And this inflammation causes two types of lesions to form in the brain.


They’re called plaques and tangles.

Think of plaques likea sticky group of proteins that act like a kink in a hose.

In a normal, heathy brain, chemical signals travel back and forth between neurons on things called synapses.

But when plaques form they gob up neural circuitry and don’t allow information to pass back and forth in the brain.

Tangles, on the other hand, work by collapsing the tiny tubes that feed the brain vital nutrients…essentially starving the brain and causing atrophy.

Together these two mechanisms work together to clog up brain activity and starve the cells of vital nutrients, which causes brain damage.

This dual nature has made it difficult for scientists to develop an effective treatment plan.

But that’s where “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” comes in… because of its unique structure it’s able to attack Alzheimer’s disease on many different fronts.

As Bhrat B. Aggarwal of the University of Texas Cancer Department says:

“Chemists don’t yet know how to design a drug that hits multiple targets, with [Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol] Mother Nature has already provided a compound to do so.”

Unlike traditional treatments that just focus on one of the causes…

“Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” gets to the root of the problem and cuts off Alzheimer’s fuel.

It does this by a unique two-step process.

First, “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” releases a little-known natural chemical (similar to aspirin) to actively cut the body’s inflammatory process.

Next, it floods the brain with antioxidants.

These special brain-healing nutrients coat the brain’s blood vessels and prevent new plaques from forming as well as cleaning out old ones already there.

You see, when you can target both plaques and tangles and reduce the overall inflammation, amazing things can happen.

Cells heal themselves. Memories improve. And people who were once lost to the world suddenly have hope.

That’s exactly how Linda, Suzanne, Sam and countless others were able to free themselves from a so-called “incurable disease” in just 12 weeks by simply taking “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol.”

Big Pharma’s Dirty Little Secret

By now you are probably wondering with a treatment this powerful, why isn’t this promoted by the medical establishment or blasted from every news outlet?

Well, there’s a very good reason for this…

When you consider the average treatment for Alzheimer’s could cost around $90,000 per person…it’s no surprise Big Pharma and the medical industry are in no hurry to publicize this protocol.

As world renowned health researcher Sayer Ji wrote:

“[Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol] turns the entire drug-based medical model on its head…its very existence threatens a trillion-dollar-plus medical establishment.”

In other words, if this treatment ever goes mainstream entire industries could crumble.

And Big Pharma knows it.

You see, the medical industry's dirty little secret is they get paid off patenting expensive drugs and treating patients…not curing them.

And since “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” costs less than $10 a year and is impossible to patent…it is VERY unlikely you’ll ever see this treatment pushed by the medical establishment or backed by a major pharmaceutical company.

And that’s a shame.

When you consider 1 in 3 over the age of 65 will die with Alzheimer’s disease…this life-saving protocol could prevent so much needless suffering.

But here’s the exciting part…

Despite very little FDA support or any media attention “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” is spreading like wildfire across the country and everyday Americans are getting fantastic results:

Look at a recently published story:


“My Dad is 73 and in the late stages of Alzheimer's. He was diagnosed approximately 13 years ago. March 21, 2012, we started mixing [Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol] in his food three times a day for a total daily amount of 1 Tsp. Before we started this his weight was 92 lb. and he was sleeping most of the time except for being woken up for us to feed him. He was very unresponsive, needed pillows for support when in the wheelchair, moved his limbs very little etc. Within two weeks of mixing [Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol] in with his food he began to stay awake for longer periods of time and was bending his knees in bed. He is now more responsive—if we say ‘Hi’ to him he responds with a quick ‘Hi’! My mom asked him recently if he knew who she was and he answered "my wife." We checked my dad's weight May 11, 2012, and he is now 98 lb. He is also now able to sit in the wheelchair with no pillows for support. The care aids in the care home were unaware when we first started mixing the [Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol] in with his food and started making comments shortly after that he was getting stronger and more alert as well as awake for long periods of time. We are unaware at this time how this affects and how it will affect his short-term memory but there does seem to be some improvement in other areas.”

Or how about the amazing transformational story of 83-year-old Alex C....


Eight years ago he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He’d watched his dad die from this terrible condition and swore it would never get him.

In beginning he followed the traditional protocols with little success.

Slowly he watched all of his faculties slip away including the ability to drive and find his

way home on his own.

It got so bad he could no longer read, write or even speak in full sentences…things looked desperate.

But then something amazing happened…

With the help of his neurologist, Alex stumbled on a fantastic cocktail (which includes “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol”) and his improvement was astonishingly fast.

Now 8 years later (and perfectly healthy) he says:

“So-called experts say this is impossible…and that no one survives this disease…but they are wrong. You are looking at someone who’s survived and you can too.”

The success stories go on and on…

Don’t be left out.

If you or a loved one is at risk or currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease…there are natural, painless, extremely low-cost tools that can help.

That’s why I’ve put together an essential “anti-Alzheimer’s chapter” everyone over 65 needs to know to prevent, reverse and even treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

It’s not too late.

With your permission I’d like to send you a FREE copy of what I call The Little Bible of 77 Censored Health Cures.

It includes a section that shows you how to harness the power of “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol.”

And remember, in past research this herb’s been shown to work!

With “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol” there are…

Instead, all you need to know is where to find the herb behind this protocol, and how much to take to see the fastest, most effective results.

Everything you need to know is included in your copy of The Little Bible of 77 Censored Health Cures.

I’ll show you how to get a FREE copy in a minute but first let me introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Brad Lemley.

I’m the senior editor of Natural Health Solutions. It’s one of the largest publishers of independent health advice in the world with over 30,000 readers.

I began my health researching career over 20 years ago…in that time my work has

been featured in The Washington Post, Discover Magazine, Psychology Today, Parade, Readers’ Digest, Life and Dr. Weil.

In short, this insider’s access has given me a backstage pass to the cutting-edge world of medical research.

I’ve seen firsthand many of the incredible studies going on and how many so-called “incurable conditions” can be easily prevented or even cured.

I’ve also seen the sinister partnerships between BIG Pharma and BIG Government. And how lobbyists can drive policy…no matter if it’s good for your health or not.

And that’s what drove me crazy…

Many times the best treatments and lifesaving protocols never make it out to the general public….to the people who need it the most.

And this lack of real-world information sent me on a quest to take what I’ve learned in the research lab and take it to the general public.

And I can honestly say, for all my TV appearances, articles and books…by far the most gratifying aspect of my job is showing everyday readers simple, natural cures that can drastically improve their health.

Here’s what a few people have said:

“I have lost 30 pounds, from 195 to 165, in three months, mostly due to a change in eating habits. Not only lost weight, but reduced blood pressure and bad cholesterol and eliminated acid reflux, and no longer on prescription drugs for thoseprior issues! I enjoy your articles, keep them coming!”

—Ben N., Harper Woods, MI

“Kudos, Brad! I have waited a long time for someone else to put the puzzle pieces together. Keep up the good work!”

—Jason Stevens

“At 82 years old by changing my diet I went from 193 down to 160 in just 6 months!”

—Frank F., Sandusky, OH

“At 67, I’m in the best shape of my life. I still drink a couple of beers a month and wine with the meal and of course I love my bacon and egg breakfast. I’m still a work in progress, but it is fun.The big plus is that I am not on any prescription meds and have excellent bloodwork.Doctor said last week it is the best he has seen in 12 years.”

—Stan M., St. Louis, MO

Now listen, I’m not telling you all this to brag, but to show you that it’s possible to prevent and even treat some of mankind’s most debilitating conditions.

And Alzheimer’s disease is just the beginning…

I’ve taken aim at some of the biggest and most damaging diseases.

I’m showing everyday people how they can prevent and fight against things like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and even cancer.

I’m holding nothing back…

The medical establishment has us convinced the only way to beat these conditions is by taking nasty drugs or paying for expensive surgeries.

What a lie!

The truth is…many so-called “incurable conditions” can be prevented or quite easily managed…by simply using safe and natural cures.

For example, have you heard of the…

“Eskimo Paradox?”


Over the last several years diabetes has reached epidemic proportions with an estimated one infour Americans over 65 suffering.

And according to the medical establishment there is no cure.

The only thing you can hope to do is manage it by taking a cocktail of expensive drugs, living on a strict diet, exercising religiously, and dropping drastic amounts of weight.

But thanks to groundbreaking research studying a little-known tribe in Alaska, we are learning the truth.

You see, by traditional standards the Eskimos of Western Alaska do everything wrong…

But for one strange reason…they’ve all but eliminated diabetes.

I call it the “Eskimo Paradox.”

Because despite doing everything “wrong,” they are some of the healthiest people on Earth!

What’s going on?

Well, that’s what a group of researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center set to find out… and what they uncovered was shocking.

Thanks to a healing substance found in Western Alaska— I’ve nicknamed it Chinook oil— residents stayed healthy no matter what their weight was.

Health researcher Alan Piccard wrote that as long as the Eskimos took “Chinook oil”, they were shielded:

“…from many health problems blamed on obesity,
junk food, and inactivity.”

In other words, despite a steady diet of Crisco, fried foods, and soda pop…Eskimos avoided many of the problems associated with obesity.

In fact, they had some of the lowest incidences of metabolic syndrome and diabetes in the entire world.

This single breakthrough could change the lives of nearly 30million Americans suffering from diabetes and other weight-related conditions.

Is it any wonder journalists openly thought…

“Is ‘Chinook Oil’ the Answer to
America’s Obesity Problem?”

This discovery turns almost 100 years of nutritional dogma on its head.

But it gets better…you see, “Chinook Oil” doesn’t just protect you from diabetes.

It’s also essential for your heart.

It’s been shown to:

To name just a few…

But like “Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol”…despite all the evidence and rock-solid data…if you listen to the medical establishment they’ll most likely never mention this oil or even suggest it could help you.


I think you can probably guess by now.

Like all the breakthroughs I’ll show you, “Chinook Oil” is cheap, has virtually zero side effects and is 100% natural.

So I wouldn’t hold your breath for your mainstream doctor to ever recommend this treatment.

But scientifically speaking, this cure is irrefutable.

You see, while most Americans have never heard this story, The Lancet medical journal did some digging.

And in a head-to-head study of over 5,000 patients they found “Chinook oil” actually outperformed the leading drug.

This prompted Dr. Joseph Mercola to state…

“[Chinook oil] is better than drugs…”


And don’t forget “Chinook oil” is 100% natural, incredibly safe and costs less than $18 a month.

The trick is to know in what dosage you need, and in what purity.

Again, you’ll learn everything I recommend in your free copy of The Little Bible of 77 Censored Health Cures.

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Brad Lemley
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